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  1. Not unlike the captain of the Titanic when he started loading the women and kids in the lifeboats and handing out life vests to the men …

    There’s sometimes a point in a disaster at which a smart leader knows that the command, “save yourselves” and “every wo/man for themselves” is the only viable option. However, those leaders are likely in short supply where they’re needed the most.

  2. And you can always count on the Brady Campaign to make something up, can’t you?

    I’m glad to see a police chief in a big city who supports concealed carry, but I’m not sure how much it’ll help, as the cost of obtaining a permit may deter some from applying. To me, that’s the big issue in the big city; the places most in need of armed & law-abiding citizens are going to have the biggest problem with getting permits.

    Hopefully I’m wrong. It would be beautiful to see Detroit be liveable again.

  3. Detroit is kind of like a very old, abandoned, crumbling mansion that’s bought for a song (which is what I have heard the Chinese are doing), refurbished, and turned into a bed and breakfast. That’s better than razing it, but it’s a far sadder existence than the one it originally had. As is, it’s just Grey Gardens on a grander scale. Not sure what it will become, but I suspect that the prosperity it once knew is not among the possibilities.

    I don’t think that Detroit’s police chief so much supports arming the citizenry as he is just unable to provide an alternative. The Donner party probably didn’t support cannibalism, they just ran out of options …

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