Just As A Matter Of Consistent Integrity

To:  Liberals Who Pretend To Care About The Military when Veterans Benefits Are Threatened
From: Mitch Berg, Uppity Peasant
Re:  Put Up


You know who you are.  You’re the liberals who screech like worn-out brake calipers when conservative political actions even obliquely threaten military or veterans benefits (which liberals barber about because it’s the one part of the military that’s the most like a social program).

So by all means, lefties; it’s time for you to screech.  Let your inner stuck cat howl like Jimi Hendrix’ Strat turned to 11.

That is all.

15 thoughts on “Just As A Matter Of Consistent Integrity

  1. Thankfully Congress said no. On the other hand Paul Ryan is violating the contract with retired veterans, at the behest of Van Hollen and Murray. Veterans whose service is complete are having their compensation unilaterally reduced while current and retired federal civil servants are left untouched. The only blessing is it is such a lawless act that it may well prove vulnerable in the courts.

  2. The government can’t do ANYTHING right that requires actuarial science. It NEVER could.

    Forcing them into Obamacare? Shameful.

  3. You can tell what liberals think about the military by reading Doonesbury. All the soldiers in Doonesbury are either victims of the system or stupid braggarts.

  4. Twice in the last two weeks I’ve read opinion columns by liberal pundits calling for resumption of the draft.
    Dana Milbank: http://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/dana-milbank-restore-conscription-restore-america/2013/11/29/8d5f7ef8-5935-11e3-8304-caf30787c0a9_story.html

    and Mark Shields: http://www.arcamax.com/politics/markshields/s-1436401

    Both of them want the draft, not to fight wars, but to prevent wars and create a society that is less stratified by class.
    In other words, they feel that taking two or three years of a person’s life is okay if it promotes the public policy goals of their social class.
    This would supposedly benefit the poor and working classes, but of course it will only benefit the elite. Otherwise the elite wouldn’t propose the idea. I’ve never heard an actual working person — in the military or not — call for a return to the draft.

  5. Pow, yup. The left see military folks, acitivty duty and veterans, as villians or victims. Miilitary personel are either nasty killers, or people with problems.

  6. The draft….I was reading a column by a rich liberal (name escapes me now), but someone calling for the draft. What a different world we live in. This rich liberal knows no one personally who has volunteered for military service. It is the last thing those people would do. So they assume everyone is like them. That the only people who volunteer are the poor who have no other options.

    Most of us real world middle class conservatives have many friends and/or family members in the service. We don’t see the military as a last resort evil.

  7. In line with what PM is saying, I’m highly doubtful that the upper military echelon want anything to do with a draft. From what I hear they get very capable people as volunteers (and all they need) to serve in the military of today which is demanding in its’ technical nature. Back in the Vietnam War era the complaint was that blacks and the poor were over represented in the military due to the draft (and they were surely were). Now these pinheads are thinking it’s a good idea to go back to that system.

  8. I say that we draft Milbank and Shields first, then follow with liberals as a group.

    As I have said before, it should be a requirement for anyone wanting to hold an elected office in either the house or the senate, have to have served at least 4 years in the military. Hopefully, this would make them think twice about sending our brave young men and women into harms way.

    I am still amazed at how much President Bush still gets blamed for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, when the Dems are following the same path and Obumbler has tried to start his own.

  9. Shields has been in the military (marines, I think). Shields is from an older generation than Milbank.
    Milbank is a Yalie who never served. The plan he’s pushing was thought up by a guy named Thomas Ricks. Ricks is also a Yalie who never served in the military.
    Milbank sent his kids to the same private school where Obama sends his kids — Sidwell Friends. I honestly don’t believe that these people understand how narrow their world is, and that its perks and privileges do not include using other human beings to fulfill their power fantasies.

  10. ” I honestly don’t believe that these people understand how narrow their world is, and that its perks and privileges do not include using other human beings to fulfill their power fantasies.”

    B I N G O!

    A hundred years of creeping statism, and look at what has to be done to get control of the state:

    Fed easy money

    Alinsky tactics


    The average guy has been increasingly screwed since Wilson and the Fed in most ways.


  11. I won’t mention anything about the defined-benefit retirements that the military contractor workers have.

  12. Emery,

    Nor should you, since they’re utterly irrelevant. The contractors are private corporations. If they can gin up the financial state to support defined-benefit pensions, more power to them. If they can do so because they’re overbilling the government, that’s the government’s fault.

    Moral of the story: All things wrong and stupid trace back to government.

  13. Well, the contractors are losing their defined benefit plans.
    What the heck is going on? People are being forced to switch to defined contribution plans when the interest on money is small. You’d need to buy a million dollars worth of 10-year T bills to get 28 grand a year from them.

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