Rescued From Pre-Thanksgiving Doc Dump

It’s only the SCSU Poll – a poll we’ve pretty well shredded in the past for its systematic bias toward the DFL.

But even that can’t varnish the fact that it’s a whole new campaign for the DFL in Minnesota.  Approval ratings of everyone but Amy Klobuchar are in the toilet.  How in the toilet?:

Minnesotans came down in the middle on Franken and Dayton, two Democrats who will stand for re-election next year. Franken got a 51-degree rating, while Dayton was at 49.

Respondents are feeling cooler toward Obama, rating him at 46 this year, down from 54 in SCSU’s 2012 survey.

And that’s just the warm-fuzzy poll.  When you get into job approval, it’s even dodgier for the DFL incumbents:

Reflecting national polls, the president’s job performance ratings also dropped from last year and returned to 2010 levels. This year, 38 percent of Minnesotans rated him positively, compared to 47 percent in 2012.

For Dayton, less than half the respondents (44 percent) gave him positive marks this year, while a slight majority (52 percent) rated him negatively.

Franken had a low approval score of 39 percent, while 57 percent approved of Klobuchar’s performance.

The media will, of course, do their best to rehabilitate the DFL, Dayton and Franken over the next 11 months.  But they’ve got their work cut out for them.

3 thoughts on “Rescued From Pre-Thanksgiving Doc Dump

  1. Of all the Demorrhoids in for a well deserved thrashing over Bammycare next year, no one has more coming to him than Stuart Smalley. Stuart owns the disaster as much as Barry does, and it’s inconceivable that he wont pay for it.

    The RNCC has targeted his seat, and has good reason to believe they will get it.

  2. Swiftee, I’d say that depends on who ends up winning the primary. Ortmann has a chance but her pro-Vikings stadium stance hurts her with hard core conservatives. Abeler and McFadden don’t have a chance in hell. Abeler crosses over far too often and no one knows McFadden.

  3. Jim the EnAbler also voted for all the Stadiae. EnAbler is my Rep. We could elect someone far more conservative but, Jim does have his local supporters. I can’t see that going statewide though.

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