Open Up And Drink Your Tea!

As this is written – 7:45 Central – Cuccinelli is up over Macauliffe by four points with about 2/3 of the vote counted (according to Drudge).  CNN and Fox are saying it’s too close to call.

This was a race that the “intelligentsia” wrote off two months ago.

That feels good.

I’m off to the Cam Winton party in South Minneapolis.  Due to Ranked Choice Voting we won’t have results for a day or ten, but the party goes on.  I’m praying the good guys shock the world.


UPDATE:  Northern VA suburbs must have held their votes back; as I write this (8:05PM), Mac has closed the gap to about a point with 81% reporting.

Fingers still crossed.

I’m going to get out the door before this drives me nuts.

10 thoughts on “Open Up And Drink Your Tea!

  1. Which direction Alabama will lean? Establishment (chamber of commerce) GOP or Tea Party (activist) GOP.

  2. It was close. MacAuliffe got fewer votes than the split TP+Libertairain vote. If the GOP establishment hadn’t disowned Cuccinelli he probably could’ve won. Obamacare cost MacAuliffe a majority vote.

  3. Don’t be so sure, PM. It was revealed today that the “libertarian” candidate has lots of hard left views and was bankrolled by dems. So not only are they cheating with voter fraud, they’re buying election spoilers as well.

  4. Bill C is right on the money.
    VA was a proving ground for the Dems strategy going forward.

    Look for 2014 to be the year of the (Liberal funded) Libertarian candidate, at least in states where the red/blue split is close to 50/50. None of them will win of course but they’ll peel away that portion of the GOP base that wants “purity” above all else.

  5. Who would have thought that a doctrinaire ideology obsessed with ‘purity’ and a governing style that can best be described as a toddler throwing a tantrum would get old with the voters? Winning is very compelling evidence in politics.

  6. Um, Emery? Cuccinelli outperformed the media’s and pollsters’ expectations. Macauliffe wasn’t saved by people upset at the Tea Party “tantrum”; he was saved by a potemkin Libertarian.

    Same as Mark Dayton was saved by a fake Republican.

  7. Wonder how the blue counties around DC will vote when the government runs out of money?
    Emery, Tea Party hatred is childish. Obama and the D’s have done more long term harm to American politics with Obamacare than any ‘tantrum’ the Tea Party might dream up.
    My God, those bastards might drag the federal government back to 2008 spending levels.

  8. I wonder how the news that Libertarian candidates are being ‘used’ by Democrats to split the (relatively) conservative vote is going to affect those who are pulling for the big “L” – nobody likes being played, do they?

  9. Christie, who is a conservative pragmatist won. Byrne the GOP establishment (CoC) candidate won the primary over the Tea Party candidate in Alabama as well. McAuliffe, a major Democratic fundraiser was a weak candidate. Losing to him represents a significant Republican loss. If the GOP wants to win, the Christie model, is the ‘right’ one.

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