Watching The Astroturf Grow

The Twin Cities’ assembly of gun grabbers is having a meeting tomorrow.  And you’re invited!

Sort of.  More on that in a bit.

Anyway – if you’re out and about tomorrow (Friday) morning (and it always seems these anti-gunners are unemployed, work for non-profits or retired, and have ample weekdaytime to devote to attacking other peoples’ civil rights), it might be fun to drop by.

Here’s the invite, and the agenda, more or less:


Dear ***********,

It’s happened again. In Nevada, a 13-year-old brought a semiautomatic handgun to school, killed a teacher and wounded two students, and then killed himself.

This can’t keep happening — and it won’t stop on its own. We all have to step up.

On Friday, Oct. 25, Protect Minnesota is hosting a Gun Violence Prevention and Safe Communities summit for all who want to create safe, peaceful communities free of gun violence. Can you be there? Click here to RSVP**

Where: Shiloh Temple International Ministries, 1201 W. Broadway, Minneapolis

When: Friday, Oct. 25 from 10 am – 3:45 p.m., with lunch provided.

Find out what’s next in this important work and what your role can be. Sessions include:

— Changing the narrative around gun violence prevention

— Developing effective media strategy

— A deep dive on gun policy in Minnesota

— Grassroots lobbying

— Creating change with personal stories

Together, we can change the conversation around gun violence at this critical time in the history of gun violence prevention. Click here to RSVP.

Thank you for all you do,
Heather Martens
Executive Director
Protect Minnesota

If you happen to show up?  Excellent.  If this is like most “Protect MN” meetings, there’ll be several Real Americans (defined as “people who support all ten amendments of the Bill of Rights) for every orc.

If you happen to show up and get video of someone telling a real howler?  Send me the vid or the YouTube link.  If it’s good, I’ll buy you the beverage of your choice the next time we get together.  Heck, even a great quote.  Send it on in.

By the way – to show you what a potemkin front “ProtectMN” is?  They didn’t even send out the email with the invite by themselves.  It was sent by the Brady Factory – which, like the MinnPost, MPR News and ProtectMN itself, is sponsored by the Joyce Foundation.

More on their agenda tomorrow.

And if you’re planning to attend, let me know.  Off-line, ideally.  I’ll explain that later.

12 thoughts on “Watching The Astroturf Grow

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  2. They have no choice but to assemble in the afternoon to the corner of W. Broadway & Fremont, Mitch. No one goes there after dark unless they are suitably armed.

    We have a clubhouse five blocks from there, I’ll call & see if anyone is available to join the discussion…

  3. Like swiftee says this is a great area for a get together, a look at a few of the shotspotter maps tells the story. I’d be packing more than one piece before I’d even consider going there.

  4. Is that why they chose to hold a meeting during the middle of a workday, and on a Friday no less? No doubt a lot of personal leave and vacation time will be dedicated to the cause.

  5. Pffft. Joe, there is a visible law enforcement presence down there 24/7…been doing a bang-up job.

  6. Joe, for the most part, the target audience of these things aren’t part of the 9-5 productive class. For the most part, they don’t have to worry about scheduling PTO in advance like we do.

  7. Bill C., I agree.

    I wonder if the odd choice of location is to facilitate the attendance of members of underserved Minneapolis populations who live nearer to that spot? Any chance that a concerned student or two will be present?

    It’s unfortunate that the murder of the 24 YOA lady teacher, killed by a 14 YOA boy using a boxcutter in the Boston area yesterday, doesn’t rate any attention from Ms. Martens. Hopefully the victim’s parents can take solace in their daughter’s more acceptable means of death.

    Obviously, the focus of Marten’s group is not box cutters. Who ever heard of those being used to kill people? However, the similarity of the two tragedies tends to diminish a focus on the weaponry aspect.

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  10. “Any chance that a concerned student or two will be present?”

    Oh hell yeah, they’ll be there; liberating the radios & contents of glove boxes from the Volvos & Subaru’s in the parking lot….which will be littered with a glittering carpet of Grateful Dead & Joni Mitchell CD’s ejected from aforementioned liberated radios.

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