13 thoughts on “The New Software Universe: Obama Edition

  1. Software issues will be fixed.
    What can’t be fixed is the part where Obamacare makes a 25 year old guy making $24k/year pay $3000 a year for a crappy, high-deductable health insurance policy he does not need.
    This being economics, you have to take into account the fact that our 25 year old guy will be spending $3,000 less each year on consumer goods or on savings. Multiply that by the 20 million or so Obamacare is supposed to cover, and you’ve just whacked the economy.

  2. Software issues will be fixed.

    At exquisite cost.

    A design issue that costs $1 to fix during the analysis phase costs $10 in development, $100 in QA, and $1000 in rework.

  3. Minor point, PM: the maximum you can pay is 9.5% of income.

    The fun part of Obamacare is that it’s a stealth tax on health care benefits that will only expand. It used to be that employers didn’t pay money on health care benefits, but now employees pay tax on the money they use to purchase those benefits. Now THAT’S progress in the eyes of liberals since the government is taking more of everybody’s money!

    Still, I’m sure every single male appreciates the fact that his pregnancy is covered by his insurance now.

  4. @nerdbert
    Better yet, remove all tax breaks, and treat all employer contributions as taxable benefits. This country spends too much on healthcare already. Why encourage it with tax breaks.

    If you want to offer government subsidies, do so as a tax credit to individuals, not as a tax deduction to businesses or individuals.

  5. Obamacare lives on borrowed time until it can be modified to receive bipartisan support. The Republicans could improve it, for instance by cutting the personal mandate, reducing the subsidies, or by charging old people and young people what they actually cost, rather than taxing the young to support the old.

  6. You sequester, socialize and treat the pre existing conditions SEPARATELY IN GROUPS.

    You give the poor vouchers.

    Free market-fat deductible catastrophic plans ONLY.

  7. Emery: This country spends too much on healthcare already. Why encourage it with tax breaks.

    One of the best constraints on costs is making the cost of something visible to the people paying the bills. For example, what are the two areas of “health care” that have seen an actual decline in costs? They are cosmetic surgery and LASIK. Strangely enough, those are the two areas where “health insurance” plays no part in payments and the consumer bears the whole cost. Remarkable, eh?

    As to tax breaks, the loss of a tax break so that you can force them to buy an even more expensive product is a Progressive’s wet dream. I have no objection to cutting the tax break as long as that’s accompanied by something that might actually cause costs to decrease, but that’s not what the “Affordable” (*cough*) Care Act does.

  8. I’m in my 40’s and I’m with you there, but the baby boomers aren’t exactly known for selfless behavior. It’ll be a fight to trim entitlements.

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