We noted this from a Gallup Poll last winter; voters prefer Republican ideas – until they hear they’re Republican.

A new Rasmussen Poll confirms this; voters trust GOP positions on most issues:

The only issues where Democrats prevail – Environment, Education, Social Security – are the ones most dominated by memes tailored to low-information voters.

John Hinderaker at Power Line – one of my longtime NARN co-hosts – writes:

There are some interesting findings. The Democrats (and some Republican pundits and politicians) are trying to stampede Republicans into a radical change on immigration policy, but Rasmussen finds that voters prefer the GOP on the issue, by seven points. Then there is gun control: after the better part of a year of Democrat and media hysteria on the subject, voters trust Republicans over Democrats by 46%-39%.

Given those numbers, you would think that Republicans will sweep in 2014–increase their hold on the House, and take the Senate. But that isn’t what voters have in mind. Rasmussen also finds that currently, Democrats lead Republicans in the generic Congressional preference poll by 40%-37%. It’s a paradox: voters prefer Republicans on the issues, but still lean toward voting for Democrats.

And like Hinderaker, I think there’s one guess why that’s true…

 I think it is obvious that the press’s ceaseless attacks on Republicans are part of the explanation. That is a longstanding problem, but the numbers suggest that Republicans will do best if they keep pounding away on the issues, especially the ones where voters are predisposed to favor them.

The other note for Republicans:  the issues where conservative Republicans win (according to this poll and the previous Gallup one) are the ones where the Tea Party took the lead four years ago.

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  2. voters prefer Republicans on the issues, but still lean toward voting for Democrats.

    Then either the polls are over-representative of the low information voter, or we have gone past the tipping point and over 50% of the population of this country is dain bramaged on a societal level.

    Thank you, Karl Marx, for your 9th plank. (free public education)

  3. From yours and Karl Rove’s lips to President Romney’s ears. Statistical values are a myth constructed by the liberal media! :^)

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