But Don’t You Dare Claim The Media Is Biased

Aaron Alexis, the alleged Navy Yard shooter, originally hailed from Queens.  He spent some time in Seattle. 

But the BBC and NPR referred to him as a “Texan”.   And CNN went one further, calling him a Texan and a military contractor, for the lefty narrative bifecta. 

(He was a “military contractor”, inasmuch as he was working for a firm that was subcontracting with Hewlett-Packard…to work on the Navy’s intranet.  Think Blackwater, only for networking geeks). 

The narrative, above all, must be served.

3 thoughts on “But Don’t You Dare Claim The Media Is Biased

  1. Great point, Mitch. We have to marvel at how quickly the fact challenged, left wing nut propaganda machine gets in lockstep to drive a meme down the throats of their useful idiot sycophants. Yup! Because he moved to DC from Texas, he is automatically a Texan. Do you think that we’ll hear any outcry from liberat Texans? I won’t be holding my breath on that one.

  2. Last night at 10PM a TV news story (ABC, CBS, or NBC, I forget, but one of the three non-cable networks) showed a computer animated depiction of the event.

    The shooter was depicted as a Black man who looked remarkably like Alexis but was shown carrying an AR-15 style long arm. I had heard that various news entities have referred to the gun as (of course) an AR-15 and “AR-15 Shotgun”; I have heard that his long arm was a shotgun. There is a custom AR-style 12 gauge out there, but it’s unlikely he would have one.

    No bias there, just wishful lying …

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