7 thoughts on “9/11 Question

  1. “How is it that the Administration is absolutely double-dog certain that Assad launched chemical weapons – in an area with no US presence, much less sovereign control – but after one full year still claims not to know what happened in Benghazi, despite having had dozens of CIA agents in that city during the attack?”

    Figured I’d help you a touch, MItch. :^) Answer; for the same reason no one has lost their job or been indicted in the IRS scandal. The White House isn’t interested in the answers becoming public.

  2. Obama Doctrine: Pretend to give up the WMDs you pretend not to have, and we’ll stop pretending we’ll bomb you.

  3. Mitch, you’re missing the point. It’s Bush’s fault. If he hadn’t poisoned the well on interventionism in the MidEast we wouldn’t have this debacle of The One not being able to rally the country to launch cruise missiles at aspirin factories.

    And don’t get me started on the Senate! If those GOP clowns in the Senate had done their job and withheld consent Obama wouldn’t have been embarrassed by the worst excuse for a Secretary of State in the history of the US! Now we’ve got to deal with this jackass who keeps putting his foot in his mouth and stumbling over protocol while handing our opponents all the keys to defeat us! The GOP has to claim credit for this debacle.

    Get your act together GOP! You’re a complete embarrassment to the US!

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