Booker Is The New Obama

Steve Lonegan, the GOP hopeful running for the New Jersey Senate seat against Newark mayor Corey Booker, mentions the civic issues that dare not speak their names:

“They had another murder in the streets of Newark yesterday; a 20-year-old girl shot to death in the streets of Newark. There was another shooting not far from there,” Lonegan told “The Steve Malzberg Show” on Newsmax TV.

“That puts them at close to 50 deaths this year in the city of Newark. I mean it’s like becoming the murder capital of New Jersey. Violent crime is actually up now since Sharpe James was mayor – up above last year of the James administration.”…Lonegan also ripped into Booker on education and employment, saying that Newark’s high school dropout and unemployment rates were appalling.

Not that Newark has ever been Atlantis, but if crime and dropout rates are both rising since the “third way” mayor and, in some circles, the political Son of The Light Worker took office, that’ll call for drastic measures.

Like the media blacking out all evidence that maybe Booker isn’t the next coming. 

Just like they did for Obama.

1 thought on “Booker Is The New Obama

  1. Good luck, Lonegan. I assume he’s doing this as a practice run for a more meaninful and winnable office in the future.

    Like Obama, Booker has already been given the keys to the political kingdom. Now all he needs is to be granted access to the locks.

    Also like Obama, the MSM and left-leaning public will judge Booker in the moment – after every cool speech, clever remark, or appropriate symbolic gesture. Any lack of experience (depending on the office being sought), specific failures, and poor track records will be brushed aside by his latest press release. And with accusations of racism of course.

    Actually, that approach started (for me, anyways) with the Clintons; what was said was far more important than actual facts and realities surrounding it; symbolism over substance. Hopefully we will tire of that approach soon when things start getting tough and become too difficult to bury in nice sounding speeches and actions …

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