Big post about Obama’s tightrope walk in trying to diminish expectations among his disciples followers?


Six hours of meetings await.

May have to reconstruct tomorrow…

4 thoughts on “Grrrr

  1. In better news, “Progressives” are now saying that Obama’s nomination of Hillary for Sec State was a stroke of brilliance.

    Turns out there is a clause in the Constitution saying a member of congress can’t take a job for which the pay was raised while the congressmember was in office.

    The plain intent is to stop legislators from creating fancy jobs to take when they leave the legislature.

    The Sec State’s pay was raised while Hillary was in the Senate. So she’s ineligible for the job. Which Obama knew (or his team should have known), but he also knew that he needed to appease the Hillary Brown Skirt Brigades so he nominated her knowing she couldn’t serve. All it needs is a passive-aggressive whine “But I tried, really, I did.”

    So the Progressive sites are spinning this as brilliance on his part.

    Not failure to vet the candidate. Not like McCain picking Palin. Not at all. Nothing like that. That was incompetence. This is brilliance.

    See the difference? Look harder. Squint. Aren’t his new clothes great?


  2. NRO had an interesting take on this. The question is, will Billary be a team player? Their line, probably not. There is no “I” in team, but there are two “I”‘s each in Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton. Three in William Clinton.

  3. Don’t confuse flailing and reaching for a lifesaver with competence and cunning. Obama gas virtually no experience at running anything other than a law school class and a Chicago ward.

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