Above The People, Due To The People, Versus The People,

Bryan Preston:

In the very month that ObamaCare passed, March 2010, the groups of Americans that were organizing to fight against ObamaCare were targeted by the agency that will implement ObamaCare. That’s the essence of the scandal. But it is not the full extent of it.

IRS workers union chief Colleen Kelley had access to President Obama and, according to White House logs, met with him on March 31, 2010. The abuse of Tea Party, conservative, Hispanic, pro-life, Christian, and Jewish groups, which must have been in the works for weeks or even months prior, formally began the following day. Americans became April Fools for continuing to believe that we had a government of the people, by the people and for the people. As of April 1, 2010, we had a government arraying itself against the people, or at least against some of the people. According to polls taken at the time, a majority opposed ObamaCare. So it could be said that the IRS was arrayed against a majority of American voters who were organizing to protest the government’s expansion under Obama.

Government’s current aim seems to be to condition people to:

  1. Be happy to pay for a “better” government…: keep giving out the bread and the circuses to teach people from whence all good things come
  2. Be afraid, and unable, to dissent: from harassing dissenting groups, via the IRS and the DHS, to the rampant militarization and militancy and just-plain-unpredictability of the police at all levels
  3.  Shut Up:  Today’s TSA lines are the model; shut up, stay in line, don’t ask questions.  And if you want to get uppity, see 1 and 2.

Not saying Obama’s a petty tyrant.  Merely that tyrants need lots of people like him and his enablecharge make their job possible.

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  1. Government’s current aim seems to be to condition people to: . . .
    A few weeks ago, Emery recommended the book, Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin. One of the points the author of the book makes is that there were real differences between fascism and marxism-leninism, and these differences can be discovered by examining who they persecuted and where the persecuted were. The fascists turned there aggression outward, towards other nations.
    And the commies?

    The mastery of both peasants and nations was a grand ambition indeed, and the Bolsheviks concealed its major implication: that they were the enemies of their own peoples, whether defined by class or nation.

  2. “Be afraid, and unable, to dissent:”

    “Dissent is patriotic.” – Hillary Clinton

    Oh, the irony.

  3. National review has done a good job of covering people who have been harrassed by the Obama government due to their political beliefs. All those years when paranoid lefties thought the gov’t was looking at what books they were checking out from the library. Now I know why. They know what they would do if they ran the gov’t and projected that onto Republicans.
    And wait until the IRS runs healthcare.

  4. I think that we will be hearing more about this scandal in the future:

    Current and former administration officials have taken on leadership and fundraising roles for Enroll America, a nonprofit aiming to make sure people sign up for new coverage options. As the ties grow deeper, the organization has come to feel like “just an arm of the administration,” said one official who works closely with insurers.


    In the US, the executive branch is not allowed its own source of funds, end of story.
    This is a very big deal. In the 19th century Bismarck and Wilhelm I built the German Empire over the objections of the German parliament. Wilhelm could use his own funds to start wars the democrats did not support.
    Reagan’s violation of the Boland amendment was an impeachable offense. It didn’t matter whether his administration was using its funds to support the Contras or the the Sandanistas, you can’t have the executive spending money on policy objectives if that spending was not authorized by congress.

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