Rear Guard Action

The GOP minority in the Senate managed to filibuster the daycare union jamdown last night – as in “up until 7AM”.

It wasn’t a “filibuster”, per se – the GOP added over 80 amendments to the jamdown, and debated them vigorously.  As of sixish AM, they’d gotten through a couple dozen, with dozens to go, and Tom Bakk tabled the  bill.  There are other things to get done.

Like maybe a budget.

The jamdown may come back.  But so will the amendments.

Cross your fingers, and stay tuned.  The good guys may pull this one off.

2 thoughts on “Rear Guard Action

  1. When I read the title of this post, I was sure it was a commentary on last night’s festivities in St. Paul.

    Occurs to me a guy could have cleaned up nicely with an assless wedding dress stand in front of the Excel.

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