Everyone’s Horning In On My Material

Reconstructing the future is kinda my turf – but there’s plenty of room for others.

In this case, Johah Goldberg looks back at four years of Barack Obama:

A general consensus among political observers is that Obama’s essential problem was that he was oversold and too naive and arrogant to realize he wasn’t as his most devoted fans believed. A senior Democrat on Capitol Hill marveled: “In 2008, this guy promised to send everyone to college, vastly increase foreign aid, create a ‘civilian national security force’ that was just a well-funded as the U.S. military, his wife said he’d fix our ‘broken souls,’ and he said he’d make the oceans stop rising, all without increasing the deficit. The amazing thing is he thought it was all true. He makes Jimmy Carter look like he should be on Mt. Rushmore.”

Another advisor compared Obama to Max Bialystock, the con man from the Mel Brooks’ film “The Producers.” In the movie, Bialystock sells 100% ownership of the play to dozens of investors. “Barack Obama sold 100% shares in his presidency to every constituency imaginable and they all thought they were at the front of the line after inauguration day.”

I strongly suspect that, if elected, Obama will be by a good reach the worst president of my lifetime – worse than Carter, even, which is damnation by loud damnation.

6 thoughts on “Everyone’s Horning In On My Material

  1. Bush and Hoover are in categories by themselves. If you include them, no one would ever have to worry about being the worst. But reality is, no matter who gets elected, they could very well find themselves in the top 10 of the Best Presidents simply by default. I mean, seriously, how can it get any worse.


  2. I think that Americans will save Nobama the disaster that Goldberg envisions.

    The Democrat party is home to some of the most virulent racists this country has ever seen. They have been preaching victimhood to blacks for 50 years, and now they are going to elect one to lead the country?

    It remains a small possibility, but I doubt it.

    I’m way more confident that our local slate of moonbat assnozzles is headed for a disaster. After last night’s de-pelting, Angry Al himself can’t still believe he’s got an ice cubes chance in hell of winning.

    Norm absolutely PWN3D Al…and Al’s inbred supporters made things worse by acting like a pack of, well, inbred supporters.

    The question that remains is how many more moonbats will go down with the SS Porn-O-Rama?

    My guess:

    Ashtray is butted.

    Sarvi is shredded.

    E-Tink shatters.

    BTW AssClown…thanks for that detailed description of your date last night, but can you keep your household appliance abuse to yourself?

    Thanks ever so much, old sodder.

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