The Exposed Id Of The Gun-Grabber Movement, Part MCCLXXV

Jane Kay is the leader of “Moms Demand Action”, which is what they renamed the “Million Mom March” after they realized they actually had about two members in Minnesota.  While more objectively accurate – it might be better still to call it “Mom Demands Action” – I’m not sure if they considered that the name sounds a little like a made-for-Cinemax movie.

I’m sure she’s a perfectly lovely human being and all.  But the contempt she feels for those who disagree with her is emblematic of the intellectual entitlement the anti-gun crowd brings to the table.

She tweeted this (from a protected account, naturally) last night:

She seems to be of the opinion that you can either care about the Constitution or children, but not both.

Of course, Ms. Kay, I own guns precisely because I care about my children – enough to defend them in some meaningful way.  And because protecting them – and eventually, teaching them to defend themselves and, God willing and yet heaven forfend, my grandchildren, is one of the paramount duties a parent has.

I’d love to discuss this with Ms. Kay.  But it’s hard to get past the air of invincible condescension.

5 thoughts on “The Exposed Id Of The Gun-Grabber Movement, Part MCCLXXV

  1. Invincible condescension is their payload. What they’re looking for are mules willing to carry a bag or two of it on their backs and condescend to their friends and neighbors.

  2. I care more about seeing my children grow up free.

    ProtectMNs designated fight picker says my daughter will be a better person than me when I grow up… I certainly hope she’s a better person than both of us…. he made it easy for his part by setting the bar so amazingly low.

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