Hard To Believe This Slipped Past

Joe Doakes from Como Park writes:

From the March 19, 2013 Pioneer Press article on Democrats’ e-bingo gamble,

“As of late February, budget planners were forecasting about $1.8 million in tax revenue from charitable gambling in fiscal year 2013 for use on the stadium. Estimates last fall had been about $15 million higher, Massman said.”

Democrats planned to bring in $15 million to pay for the Vikings stadium, but we’re bringing in less than $2 million? What a blunder!

Who could have foreseen it?

Joe Doakes

Como Park

Oh, don’t be silly.  Blogs don’t cover news.

5 thoughts on “Hard To Believe This Slipped Past

  1. The stadium whores don’t mind. They got the bill passed with bad projections. Remember, it’s not business – it’s government – where people’s dreams are fueled with other people’s money.

  2. A great example of “reaching across the aisle” and into your pocketbook.

    Perhaps the most disgusting image I have of this embarassment was on the evening news right after it passed.

    A bunch of drunken (my interpretation) supporters were in the parking lot (probably burning sick days) bedecked in yellow pigtails, Viking jerseys, horned helmets, and face paint. They were standing together, jumping up and down singing the “Viking Song” (or whatever it’s called) to a paternally smiling Zygi Wilf.

    I could only imagine what must have been going through his mind as he watched. Maybe, “Why did I ask for so little?” or, “I didn’t think it would be this easy.” In any event I’m sure the term “fools” was included …

    To me, this defined the stadium issue. And Governor Dayton is probably still waiting for his promised bobble-head and seat on the bench alongside Brett Favre next season …

  3. I’m thinking if one of Zygi’s minions missed his/her revenue projections by a factor of better than 8 they’d find themselves on the unemployment line, because Zygi would likely made his capital investment decisions based on the projection. Sadly politicians and bureaucrats aren’t held to the same performance standards, there’s usually no repercussions when a pol makes poor decisions with our capital.

  4. Well, as long as we are paying higher taxes for the Twin stadium (which I do enjoy going to) so Boy Pohlad can continue to donate millions to left wing and anti-Christian political causes.

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