Sarahdy Night Live


A brief behind the scenes sketch and a stint on Weekend Update where she watches while Amy Pollock does a Palin rap.

Plus the musical guest? Who is Adele?

Josh Brolin. Not funny.

If you missed it you didn’t miss it.

I could have been sleeping.

10 thoughts on “Sarahdy Night Live

  1. I’ve seen SNL twice this season, which is the first I’ve watched it in probably five years. It seems a little less consistently awful than it used to be.

    Faint praise? Faint damnation? Who knows.

  2. To a great extent, they seem to have figured out this year how to end a sketch while the premise is still funny, rather than dragging on for minutes more of “okay, we get it.”

    This week, that editor seems to have been on vacation.

  3. “they seem to have figured out this year how to end a sketch while the premise is still funny”

    That would definitely be an overdue improvement. Now if they could manage making ‘funny’ parts they’d be golden. 😛

  4. Mitch is right. It’s been decent this season. Tina Fey as Sarah Palin has been brilliant. The rest of the political stuff, not bad. Weekend Update and the fake commercials, pretty good. Otherwise mostly missable. Best to watch the 15 minutes of good clips on the next day instead of wading through 90 minutes of the live show.

  5. I haven’t watched SNL in for at least 5 years and it was bad back then. I get tired of their very one sided Elitist Illuminati views, since I already get it from every other Mainstream Media outlet. When the do finally make fun of someone from the Left, that person freaks out and cries for sympathy from the press.

  6. I haven’t watched SNL for 5 years or so and it wasn’t that great back then. I guess I got tired of their very slanted Elitist Illuminati views that I already hear all day from the Mainstream Media. I will admit its funny when someone from the left gets attacked on the show. That actor will then hold a press conference and be in tears over the mistreament. So Sad…

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