Dow Posts Biggest One-Day Gain Ever

Dow Jones Up Over 900 Points.

Biggest Rally in 70 Years

Dow Jumps 938 Points after Historic Weekend

What does this mean?

It means something and nothing all at the same time.

One day does not a trend make.

But at least it doesn’t suck.

Stay tuned to Shot in the Dark for more of this detailed and inspiring analysis.

7 thoughts on “Dow Posts Biggest One-Day Gain Ever

  1. What does this mean?
    It means Wall Street has learned that Margaret Marteeen has defeated incumbant Baniaiaiaian in the runoff. The possibility of throwing off the shackles of the eeeevil NARN and it’s puppets (ahem *Roosh* ahem) has bouyed up the investing class and given hope to all those longing for freedom and democracy.

    The MOB cannot afford twelve more months of Baniaiaiaian’s failed policies. It’s time for Change We Can Believe In! The right man for the job is a woman, and that woman is Margaret.

  2. Not sure I believe that “” is a reliable, abuse-proof balloting system.

    Marteeeeen – selected, not elected.

  3. Kermit,

    You do realize I have the power to delete (or modify for that matter) your comments on this site, right? You do realize that The Poor Man’s Mitch Berg is her opponent, right? In the McCain idiom, I’m going to take the high road and exercise restraint.

  4. Does Roosh share Nancy Pelosi’s vision of free speech? This is just another example of the thuggishness employed by the NARN and it’s surrogates.

    And I never used the term “Poor Man’s Mitch Berg”. I used the term “NARN puppet”.

    I would poop out a sixteen paragraph penigma, but I’m not that in love with myself. Besides, the 5:00 news is on.

  5. Actually it was Angryclown that knighted me with the moniker. You’d know that if you read this blog as thoroughly as anyone should. It is clearly after all, the flagship blog of the MOB.

  6. It is clearly after all, the flagship blog of the MOB.
    We’ll have to notify Hinderaker, et al of their recent demotion.

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