One More Chance

John McCain has one more chance to assert himself and as it turns out he needs it.

Because it didn’t happen so much tonight.

John McCain favors the town hall format but the elements that differentiate that format didn’t manifest themselves tonight. Tom Brokaw didn’t allow it, much to the detriment of the process and the value of tonight’s debate.

As moderator, Tom Brokaw displayed a last gasp of vitality in denying Obama’s request at one point to rebut a rebuttal in which McCain took a shot at him. In the next session, Obama couldn’t resist and went there anyway. Thereafter, Brokaw seemed to lose his will to moderate at all.

Not so much so as to allow John McCain to pick up where Sarah Palin left off on the concerns of character and associations that many anticipated would be part of the fare tonight. The format left Obama unscathed here.

The result of all of the above was a restating of well worn talking points and serial question non-answering on the part of both candidates, and from my vantage point, more so on the part of Senator McCain.

John McCain may have taken off the gloves but he didn’t take enough swings and he didn’t land enough blows.

An opportunity missed for sure.

To his credit, McCain was effective at conveying to Americans the reality that the level of entitlements enjoyed currently can not continue.

At the same time, McCain missed the opportunity to truly drive home the idea that Obama’s ridiculous and implausible promise of net spending reductions, bipartisanship and reform fly in the face of his public record while McCain, using the same measure, can more credibly assert that he will actually be able to exhibit and foster fiscal discipline.

Ideology aside, McCain was nervous and a little goofy, settled in and gained confidence, then regressed. Obama seemed consistently confident and poised.

My barometer tonight was Mrs. Roosh, a devout conservative who is much more removed from the day to day blog fodder and media bombardment than I am. Her take on McCain’s performance? She was annoyed.

I think she, like many voters, just wanted some straight answers if not a clear change of momentum in McCain’s favor.

All in all making next Wednesday night’s debate an even more pivotal event.

7 thoughts on “One More Chance

  1. I won’t claim that McCain really knocked Obama off his throne but I think he did a damn good job on the issues. Obama was left clueless on foreign policy, which all earnest watchers wouldn’t be surprised by. But really it’s about the Independents and non-active voters. While Mrs. Roosh may have been annoyed, I don’t think that will be mainstream thought out of Independents and lesser involved voters.

    I think Conservatives and Republicans are panicked right now and rightfully so in many cases. We assume alot though about voters. I think McCain won the debate on the issues and probably won Independents. And I think the polls are slanted towards Dems for sure. This thing is going to be close.

    On a side note as casual voters tune in and hear about Obama’s past allies like Ayers and Pastor Wright, it will matter. You can tell alot about people by their aquaintances. Messiah’s don’t really work with middle class voters.

    Have a little faith!

  2. Good analysis, Roosh. Despite the programmed answers and lack of passion on both sides, we got to see two intelligent men who have thought about the issues and obviously care about their country. Either way the election goes, it’ll be a nice change.

  3. JR, I concur, neither gave any real informtion.

    BTW – I entirely agree that there is NO chance Obama can cut taxes and pay for his programs, nor is there any chance McCain could either.

    We have many chickens, and too few roosts – things are going to be changing. My personal opinion is that Obama will stand in the way of needed change less, but neither has a clue about how much is going to be forced upon them.

    One other comment/question, discretionary entitlement spending is at its lowest point I believe since WWII, how much lower should it go before the right woudl be satisfied? Is the elimination of Social Security, employment insurance and Medicare the only answer with which you all are happy?

  4. Clown?
    Is that YOU??? Yuo forgot to mention any of the items you usually start or finish with. You feeling okay?

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