“Some Of My Best Friends Are Shooters”

Obama evades in a way not may people this side of Archie Bunker try to do it:

“Up at Camp David, we do skeet shooting all the time,” he said. “And I have a profound respect for the traditions of hunting that trace back in this country for generations.

“And I think those who dismiss that out of hand make a big mistake”.

Well, isn’t that special.

Although the Second Amendment isn’t about hunting – not at all – I’ll point out that it’s just as illegal to own a skeet-shooting shotgun in Chicago as it is a Glock.

Provided you’re a law-abiding citizen.

The problem is, criminals have “profound respect for the traditions of hunting”.  They just hunt the rest of us.

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  1. They have places in Europe where you can shoot skeet, trap, etc., you just go ti the range where you have it in mandatory storage, pay your fee, and check out your gun. Oh, it’s legally required to check it back in at the end of the shoot. The process seems contrary to the principle of 2A, but that doesn’t mean that Barry isn’t a fan of it.

  2. OK, so I’m to believe that Obama goes skeet shooting all the time, but miraculously, no pictures of this have ever been taken? Of the most publicity-conscious President in history?

    I’m calling “bovine scat” on this one.

  3. They have pictures of this President (like many before him) doing the common everyday things in “He’s Just Like You” department down at Narrative Coordination HQ aka White House Press Secretary’s office. Having a burger, drinking a Bud from a long neck, attending an NBA game, missing a putt, etc. When asked for pictures of the Pres shooting some clay pigeons, more to fit the “Just Like You” narrative than the ‘proof’ standard, Narrative Coordination HQ demurs, and our polite Narrative Coordinators accept this answer and get back to swooning (ooh, that Obama, heeeeeee’s dreeeeeeeamy!). It went unremarked what type of weapon the President used (has used) in shooting skeet. But as one who himself has shot skeet, fairly terribly, I would have loved to have had an automatic shotgun (if there is such a thing) as I could not consistently hit the moving clay target with just one shot.
    Now I completely agree that automatic weapons and high capacity magazines have no place in hunting. Everyone I know who has stalked and successfully hunted a deer (I have not) tells me that they sat in their stand for hours, waiting for the perfect micro-moment to press the trigger. That micro-moment was when the deer was absolutely still, in perfect position for a ‘one-shot, one-kill’ that mercifully delivered the deer to its end with a minimum of suffering on the animals part.
    The problem with conflating hunters needs with the 2nd Amendment is that no attacker, rapist or mass murderer wannabe who means to do bodily harm has any intention of remaining still so you can get off that perfect shot. And you might need more than 6 shots to end the threat.

  4. If he shoots skeet like he bowls, he’s using the same box of clay targets Bush left at Camp David.

  5. Obama has spent a good deal of his life in the Chi town hoods. I would believe him if he said ” Some of my best friends are shooters”. I wouldn’t necessarily think he was talking about targets though.

  6. The reason they won’t release the Obama skeet-shooting pics is because he does it with a Mac 10 set to full-auto.
    The Mac 10 is modded to fit a bayonet and a grenade launcher.

  7. This sounds like a situation custom-made for a Fact Check!

    I searched Google but found no hint President Obama has ever fired a weapon in his life, before his surprise announcement last week.

    Discussing the G-8 Summit last Spring, reporters said he was an infrequent visitor to Camp David because it didn’t have a full golf course.

    I do not believe President Obama’s claim to shoot skeet “all the time.” I would believe he maybe tried it once, for a lark, but there’s no way he’s a regular shooter.

    Now, let’s see some evidence. Photos. Personal recollections from other guests who saw it with their own eyes. Camp David activity logs. Something more than a self-serving statement made during a legislative campaign.

    Fact Check!

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