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Today, the Northern Alliance Radio Network – America’s first grass-roots talkradio show – brings you the best in Minnesota conservatism, as the Twin Cities media’s sole source of honesty!

  • I’m in from 1-3.  I’ll be talking with Andrew Rothman of the Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance, and going over the latest from the Minnesota Legislature.
  • Brad Carlson’s show – “The Closer” – is on from 1-3 on Sunday.

(All times Central)

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1 thought on “NARN Today

  1. I listened to your show today, Mitch (on the interweb).
    You seem to be getting it — for some time the Left has been trying to frame gun control as a race issue.
    The good news is that it won’t work. That is, this tactic won’t get the gun confiscation they want. They’ll be lucky if they get an assault weapon ban. Framing the 2nd amendment as a tool of racists will not save a single life, but of course that has never been the objective of the Left, especially saving the lives of children.
    Framing the 2nd amendment as racist in intent will encourage leftists who are already committed to the cause to further disrespect the Bill of Rights, and it will give them the warm glow of moral superiority. It will also serve to increase the bond between Leftists and American Blacks.
    Pity, really. Blacks who live in high crime areas have more to gain from access to guns than whites in the suburbs.

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