Tonight’s The Night

Here we go; the Veep debate is tonight.

Will Joe Biden’s endless jawing cause him to spontaneously combust? Will Sarah Palin shred him like moose bound for the stewpot? Will the overwrought, panicky sexism of the “diverse” left become so dense it collapses in upon itself, creating a black hole that consumes the planet?

I dunno – but it’d be a lot more fun to watch with a bunch of your closest friends!

AM1280 The Patriot is hosting a debate viewing party at Trocadero in Minneapolis (it’s right by the Monte Carlo, on Third Avenue at First Street North) tonight.

We’ll have free appetizers and a cash bar (and let me tell you – nobody does appetizers like Trocadero!). The debate goes from 8pm CST to 9:30pm CST and doors will open at 7:30pm-ish.

Admission is free – but please RSVP at the handy AM1280 RSVP Page so we can plan accordingly.

Sign on up and join us tonight.

Not to mention the Presidential debate, on October 15, too. Same time, same station, same wonderful nightclub.

We’ll see you there!

UPDATE:  Just heard from the station – we’ve had a ton of reservations.  But don’t worry – we’ll make room for more!  Sign on up – we’ll see you there!

18 thoughts on “Tonight’s The Night

  1. I call it: The Heart-beat Away Debate,

    or McCain’s “Damn. I should have picked Christine Todd Whitman.” moment.

    Re.: Hard questions for candidates: “Why should a politician/candidate for high office have an easier time of it than a Doctoral candidate during the oral portion of an examination?”

    I say “put ’em ALL on the grill”, and not just for an hour debate, either. I’m talkin’ serious, hard questions asked in front of the American people, complete with instant fact-checking of the answers — on TV.

    But we all know that could never be allowed — at least by the American people, who would immediately get bored and flip to reruns of American Idol.

    I have no idea whether Palin will be able to handle the pressure.

    The most important thing is that Gwen Ifill will decide the questions and I believe that very few of them will be what is expected. The questions will be calculated to highlight any unpreparedness of either candidate — and give them rope to hang with….

    (Who’s the Pakistani Assitant Minister of Defense?)

    Faux “news” is bleating away about Ifill’s book, but I really don’t think that will matter much. I look for a few “traps” for Biden as well.

    “… If you want to start your watch, it’s 49 and a half hours before Gwen Ifill is accused of sexism and bias against moose-hunters.”

  2. What’s really scarey is Barry is a heart beat away from the President…..what?…..He is on the top of the ticket? Wow, can I be excused to “do a little blow”.

  3. What’s the difference between a pitbull and a hockey mom?

    Nothing. Neither of the bitches knows anything about foreign policy.

  4. Why should a politician/candidate for high office have an easier time of it than a Doctoral candidate during the oral portion of an examination?
    Well, jackscrow, first thing is that believe it or not academic skills are not required in a president.
    Woodrow Wilson had a PhD in PoliSci. Teddy Roosevelt was a law school dropout. Roosevelt invited Booker T. Washington for a dinner at the White House. Wilson was a virulent racist.

  5. Biden wins, if you actually listened….

    I’m sick and tired of both of ’em (especially Palin) droppin’ the G off of everythinG. I get why she does it — evidently she’s goin’ fer what someone is telling her is the countrified/illiterate vote, but why does Biden have to match her? Brings both of them down in my eyes (Biden didn’t have far to fall anyway.).

    Palin narrowly lost the 1st 3rd, won the 2nd (Energy) and massively lost the last third. But then I was actually listening to what was actually said.

    She avoided most of the questions. To be fair, Biden avoided them when it was convenient, but he won point by point. Some of her answers were not even in the same Galaxy in relation to the questions, while he was on point almost across the board.

    I’m also sick to my stomach listening to the various spin-meisters doing their fact-avoidance.

    Outta here….

  6. Ever thought that’s actually how she speaks jackscrow? Not everybody is a calculating phony.

  7. Yeah. Good thing we have Jackscrow to let all of us gabbling cretins know waht really happened.

    Thanks, Mr. Ackscrow!

  8. Colleen analyzed: “Ever thought that’s actually how she speaks jackscrow? Not everybody is a calculating phony.”

    No question. She’s genuinely stupid, which is a selling point to the hard-right wingnuts hereabouts, of course. They don’t like those fancy in-TEE-lekshul librul elitists making them feel any more stupid than they already do. Heck, if he were old enough, they’d put Trig Palin on the ticket.

  9. angryclown said:

    “She’s genuinely stupid”

    The authority on “stupid” has spoken? Don’t know if that is good or bad for Mrs. Palin. 😉

  10. “No question. She’s genuinely stupid..”

    HA! This from an asshat that posts videos of himself in clown makeup on Utube.

    You sir, are a piece of work!

  11. November, 2008. The GOP has stolen another election by sending an army of Dick Cheney lookalikes to the polling places in battleground states & having them scowl at minority voters.
    February, 2009.In a surprise move President McCain arranges for Palin to meet privately, one-on-one with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Tehran. Palin is searched before the meeting, of course, and she is relieved of the .50 cal Desert Eagle she always carries. The Iranians, however, overlook a small nail file she keeps on a keychain . . .

  12. No… she tood a pair of his sunglasses, broke them, and jabbed the end into his neck… just like in Godfather Part III.

  13. It is getting harder and harder to take people seriously when their discussion or debate boils down to: I am smart, you are dumb.

    This from the generation that brought us (and wanted us to take seriously) that deep tome: “I’m OK, You’re OK.”

    I debate the Sierra clubbers, have been for years.

    Easy work, but nobody else was doing it for the last fifteen years. At least not here local.

    Panels, discussions, four part PBS series, newspapers articles, radio interviews, symposiums….. Rochester, Granite Falls, Redwood Falls, Montevideo, St. Cloud, Saint Paul, Duluth, Winona, Ely, Brainerd, International Falls….

    That’s were they always end up too.

    You are stupid. That or you are a greedy racist.

    I get that a lot, last time was in a magnate school in Duluth on “Earth Day”.

    They are actually a small minority but they try to kidnap the debate, shame-ing any who might dare think thoughts other than theirs.

    They are bullies… And cowards unwilling or unable to leave their emotional blankets behind and look at the planet through the unflinching lens of science.

    No matter what they say about science.

    You will never change their minds; for that, debate is futile….however for the more open minds observing the discussion it is very productive.

    For that reason we suffer fools. (But not necessarily gladly)

    That is their way no matter the topic. Debates included


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