All The Left’s Best Ideas

So how does America solve the “gun problem”? [1]

Well, to part of America, we treat the law-abiding gun owner like a criminal (in Maryland, a state that has strict gun control and includes the city of Baltimore, which is a crime cesspool not all that much better than Chicago) and even use the media to bully them for their legal, law-abiding activity, while demanding their indulgence for their dithering indolence as you think of more ways to punish the law-abiding for the sins of the insane, the evil and and depraved

…so that, if we’re lucky, all of our towns can be more dangerous than Afghanistan.

If Chicago keeps up this pace – 22 dead in two weeks – it’ll hit well into the mid-500 murders, topping last year’s grisly 500-and-change total.  Bear in mind, the 22 dead in the first few weeks of the year came in a cold, traditionally low-crime month.

So yeah, let’s get all of Rahm’s ideas down.  Stat.

5 thoughts on “All The Left’s Best Ideas

  1. ‘In Maryland, a state that has strict gun control’
    You know that this is a lie, Berg. Everyone knows that Americans have unlimited access to assault rifles and high-capacity magazine clips.

  2. Treat the law-abiding gun owner like a criminal? It’s far worse than that. They’re treating gun owners like smokers.

  3. Watch: Mental illness will be the wedge. If you’ve ever been prescribed a Valium or Haldol, your doctor will be REQUIRED to put your name on a list. If any of your family has ever been treated, same will apply.

    Effectively, no one will pass this litmus test. Mission accomplished.

  4. That will be interesting. I’ve been prescribed and anti-depressant as a apin reliever for back pain. Also an anti-siezure drug for the same purpose. Recently, one government entity (I forget which) chose to deny firearms rights to those who used medically prescribed MJ. How about those who use narcotic pain relievers?

    It’s been suggested that gun rights, I guess now they’re privileges, should be denied to those in households which include a member who is mentally ill. Better not send your daughter to the doctor for that nasty eating disorder, or renew the son’s ritalin, mom’s temporary anti-dpresaanat for post-partum … the list goes on and on …

    The mental health piece will be as scary as the gun’s … and more far-reaching …

    I wonder how much needed mental health treatment might be avoided for these reasons?

  5. Didn’t we learn anything from the Soviet Union? If you disagree with the government, you must be crazy.

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