Fire In A Crowded Theater

In case I haven’t mentioned it before – a billion thanks to Professor Joe Olson and the rest of the crew at the Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance for ensuring Minnesota’s carry permit law was written so that carry permits are not public records.

While the safety of the individual carry permittee wasn’t the primary reason, the depraved indifference of some – many – journalists to the safety and well-being of people who oppose their editorial agenda, and their families, is reason enough to say “Thanks, Joe and GOCRA”.

We’re a lot luckier than the poor saps in New York, the legal, law-abiding carry permit holders whose names and addresses were published by the in-the-bag-for-the-left News Journal.

It’d seem that the information has been used to target the law-abiding citizens for attack.  A White Plains (NY) homeowner targeted by the News Journal was burglarized; his gun cabinet was singled out:

A White Plains residence pinpointed on a controversial handgun permit database was burglarized Saturday, and the burglars’ target was the homeowner’s gun safe.

At least two burglars broke into a home on Davis Avenue at 9:30 p.m. Saturday but were unsuccessful in an attempt to open the safe, which contained legally owned weapons, according to a law enforcement source. One suspect was taken into custody, the source said.

The News Journal’s interactive online map of…:

  • law abiding citizens, who…
  • …passed a stringent background check, and were…
  • …issued carry permits by the State of New York…

…served no news purpose whatsoever; under any other circumstance, a list of demonstrably law-abiding people who’ve obtained a legal document under normal processes is the very definition of “dog licks dog”, journalistically speaking.

Since there’s no news purpose, the only reason for the “story” was politically-motivated badgering of law-abiding citizens.

Which is an interesting juxtaposition; in producing a “story” about people exercising their Constitutional rights in a thoroughly law-abiding manner, the News Journal, with the blessing (or silent acquiescence, which is the same thing) of much of the American mainstream media, abused their First Amendment rights; isn’t pointing a big red “Burgle Me!” sign at citizens the very definition of “fighting words?”

The gun owner was not home when the burglary occurred, the source said. The victim, who is in his 70s, told Newsday on Sunday that he did not want to comment while the police investigation continues.

Police are investigating what role, if any, the database played in the burglars’ decision to target the home, the law enforcement source said.

Prediction:  under political pressure from Andrew Cuomo, the police will play down any connection they find.

Don’t believe your own lying eyes, peasants!

The News Journal should be sued out of existence.  If the homeowner (and the other citizens whose privacy was frivolously gang-raped by their idiot media) decide to file a suit, I’ll be happy to send a buck or two to their legal attack fund.

20 thoughts on “Fire In A Crowded Theater

  1. One of things the local police will almost always say about a break-in that doesn’t make sense at first (no electronics missing, no jewelery or money gone, no shady characters living there…..meaning stealing drugs wasn’t a motive) is “they were probably looking for guns”.

    And as you state, the “newspaper” gave the criminals a map to all houses that may have some sort of firearm inside. Could they make it any easier?

  2. I don’t try too hard to shop, or not shop, at a business based on their politics. A couple of exceptions…..havn’t touched a General MIlls product since they decided to get involved in the homosexual marriage debate, and I do shop at Scheels sporting goods due to their Christian values, and will try to patronize Hobby Lobby and Chik-fil-A if I can.

    But I encourage 2nd amendment rights supports to shop at Mills Fleet Farm. Don’t have a link handy, but search for “Fleet Farm gun video” (or something similiar). They have put out a fine video on the wackiness of proposed gun control laws. Plus its a fun place to shop anyway.

  3. Chuck, the police may cooperate with the good guys on this one, because it seems that the left wing propaganda spewing beetches that created this map, also included retired law enforcement and corrections officers on it. Right or wrong, the police look after their own and in that area, many of those retired guys probably still have some sway with the active force.

    As to the Mills video, Mitch had it posted on Saturday(?) and it’s a great piece. I shop at Mills occasionally, but will do so more often now.

  4. Chuck,

    I posted Stewart Mills’ video over the weekend in this post here.

    I’ve found their ammo prices are highly competitive even without the stance they’ve taken. With the stance? It’s worth the side-trip to shop there.

  5. Went back and checked out the post from the weekend.

    And don’t forget…next time you shop at Fleet Farm, after you pick up your ammo, a bag of mixed nuts, and your nursing pail with nipple assembly (for you calves, not a newest “stuff white people like” trend), you can get some camo lingerie for your lady.

  6. So anyone heard the rumor that WalMart has stopped selling ammo? I don’t think that the Bloomington site sells it anyway, but I am going there tonight to see if it’s true.

  7. Haven’t stopped at the Bloomington site of Wally World for a while, but they used to have a limited selection of ammo. The Woodbury site has much more.

  8. I’m with Mitch, sue, sue, sue……. Also get a movement going for people to stop buying the products of the News Journal. Bust ’em and bust ’em up.

  9. Hard to sue a publication for printing what’s in the public record, as much as we might like to see it done. I’m sure that’s what their lawyers told them because I can’t imagine a publication — even a liberal one — doing something like this without running it past counsel first.

    That said, it’s against Minnesota law (the Data Practices Act) to publish such information about undercover peace officers or, under certain circumstances, victims of or witnesses to crime, juveniles, 911 callers and so on. New York law may be different but the Journal News’ biggest mistake may have been to ‘out’ Judge Jeanine Pirro. She’s running red-hot over this.

  10. I know suppliers like Federal don’t do as much business with Walmart because Wally world gives it away, hurting other retailers. I also know that Federal doesn’t commit to Walmart to they can keep smaller dealers in stock with product.

    Mitch, think the Star-Trib or MN Post just might “find” those records here locally, or the State of MN, under the direction of Alida Messenger, might release them “unintentionally”?

  11. Well, here in Communist Minnesota, we may be in for a fight over the Obamacare healthcare exchange. On Sue Jeffers show on KTLK on Saturday afternoon, she had some scary stuff about what personal information gets exchanged with whom that’s being pushed by the Dems. We need to be diligent.

    Colonel, yea, she’s definitely ticked off over this. She was on Fox news this morning and she claims that the paper has lost several advertisers over this already and feels like they will lose more. Funny how after they publish this, they hired armed security guards to protect their offices and homes. When the reporters from Fox showed up to talk with them, the twit editor claimed she was on the phone then ducked inside. A visit to Jan’s house, got the door slammed in their faces. WOW! How different it is when the hypocritical hunters become the hunted.

  12. I was at Wally World in St Anthony yesterday, not shopping for ammo, but it appeared to me that there was some there. FWIW.

  13. This afternoon while listening to 1130, Limbaugh I think, said that Walmart had passed on the info. that they were suspending new ammo orders – restocking – until issues related to the Second Amendment were resolved. There’s similar info on the internet. So, current stocking dealers will keep selling until they’re out. Then will wait and see.

    While this makes some sense, particularly in blue states, it seems like an odd thing to do the day before the administration is going to propose their “plan”. It sounds to me like they want to get in the good graces of the administration by giving the impression that they are doing this voluntarily, and not under the gun of the administration’s draconian measures. Hence, not giving it a day to see what happens.

    I think that Walmart can attribute a lot of their sales to people (like me) who grab stuff when they come in to check out ammo prices.

  14. MN has one of the most confusing, convoluted government data practices laws in the country. Don Gemberling, now of the MN Coalition on Government Information (MNCOGI) was the long time state interpreter of the law. I thought he was also the author. Along with confusing and convoluted is the word comprehensive. Pretty much everything related to the law, however difficultly, can be classified as to its conditions of releasability (or non-releasability).

    Anyway, I think that public entities will be pretty cautious about “accidentally” letting stuff slip. Penalties for violations are pretty stiff and unforgiving. A number of local police agencies were whacked recently for officers running a former colleague’s information on their state computers for their own purposes.

    Besides, it would be iilegal. I’m sure that would be enough …

  15. Bob Owens and Glenn Reynolds are reporting that WalMart is denying the rumors about stopping ammo purchases.

    Doesn’t mean they’re going to get my money — after the Mills Fleet Farm video, they’ve got a lock on my business. They did before for everything but impulse .22 buys, but after their unflinching take on gun control they’ve earned my business. Now if I could only get the wife to approve the purchase of the “assault rifle” they had on the front page of Sunday’s ad, but she already says I’ve got too many…

  16. There is only one reason the newspaper printed this info: Pure, unadulterated, unrepentant, ideological spite.

  17. nerdbert; the last time my wife told me that I couldn’t buy a new gun, I snuggled up to her on Saturday morning and whispered to her “intercourse or rifle range?” She patted me on the head and replied; “Lock and load, buddy!”

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