Counsel Of Fools

This looks impressive: five former Secretaries of State speak out on US/Iranian relations:

Five former secretaries of state, gathering to give their best advice to the next president, agreed Monday that the United States should talk to Iran.

Well, that sounds like an august, authoritative body!

Which SecStates are we talking about, here?

The wide-ranging, 90-minute session in a packed auditorium at The George Washington University, produced exceptional unity among Madeleine Albright,



The worst SecState since Warren Christopher, was a failed diplomat in two administrations?

Colin Powell,

An extreme disappointment.

Warren Christopher,

With Albright, the mixed doubles team at the “Most Impotent Hamsters Ever To Represent This Country Overseas” tournament.

Henry A. Kissinger

Er,yeah.  Successful, yes, largely, but is his legacy of morally-compromised realpolitik something we want to suck up to?

and James A. Baker III.

Er…yeah.  One out of five ain’t bad.


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