The Hypocrisy Of The Anti-Gun Movement, In One Quick Story

Last week:  the Lower Hudson Journal News – an anti-gun rag in metro New York – published an interactive map of all legal carry permit holders in Rockland and Westchester counties of New York.

This week?  They’ve hired armed guards:

A Clarkstown police report issued on December 28, 2012, confirmed that The Journal News has hired armed security guards from New City-based RGA Investigations and that they are manning the newspaper’s Rockland County headquarters at 1 Crosfield Ave., West Nyack, through at least tomorrow, Wednesday, January 2, 2013.

According to police reports on public record, Journal News Rockland Editor Caryn A. McBride was alarmed by the volume of “negative correspondence,” namely an avalanche of phone calls and emails to the Journal News office, following the newspaper’s publishing of a map of all pistol permit holders in Rockland and Westchester.

“Negative correspondence?”   You mean, threats?

McBride had filed at least two reports with the Clarkstown Police Department due to perceived threats. However, the police did not find the communications in question actually threatening. Incident-Report 2012-00033099 describes McBride telling police she was worried because an email writer wondered “what McBride would get in her mail now.”

Police said the email “did not constitute an offense” and did not contain an actual threat.

When did American journalists turn into such pansies?

(It’s a rhetorical question.  It happened about the time they decided to be high priests of information in the employ of the left).

You, the peasant, shouldn’t have guns; they, the patricians, must – to protect themselves from you, the peasant.

See how it works?


10 thoughts on “The Hypocrisy Of The Anti-Gun Movement, In One Quick Story

  1. The funniest part of this incident is that a conservative blogger posted a map pinpointing the homes of all of the employees of that rag, including the editor. I guess that they don’t like it when someone beats them at their own game!

  2. I’ve never really been one to argue 2nd Amendment issues with people, it’s never been a big thing with me for some reason. Over Christmas, however, I got sucked into a gun control argument with the in laws (never a good thing). I was surprised by how little facts mattered, even to people who are generally good people, although very reflex lefties. “I think automatic weapons should be banned.” Well, they have been for over 80 years. “Well assault weapons should be banned.” Well, what is an assault weapon? “I don’t exactly know, but it’s ridiculous that they are even considering arming schools or letting teachers have guns.” Well, teachers in UT are allowed to have guns, but there have been no incidents of misuse. Also no mass shootings. “Utah is different. The people are strange.” Well, should we require the kids to be sitting ducks, and wait 20 minutes for the police to arrive, like in Newtown? “I just think if there are more guns, you’re going to have more problems and shootings.” Well, I live in MN, where we recently passed conceal carry, and there has been no trouble at all.

    It didn’t go much beyond that, because she (Step mother in law) ran out of ways to say that she had an emotional aversion to guns that no facts were going to alter. I found the discussion to be very interesting.

  3. I just want to know if the newspaper is going to add its offices to their interactive map.

  4. Perhaps David Gregory can supply a high capacity magazine since I understand he knows how to obtain them in gun-controlled Washington DC.

  5. PJ, I also got sucked into an argument over the holidays, but I think that I had better luck changing the opinions of two anti-gun zealots. When I pointed out that teachers in Israel have been armed for years with no incidents; MN with C&C has not had Dodge City style gun fights, assault weapons were banned when the Colombine shootings occurred and that houses displaying gun free signs were the targets of burglars and that like many places, Connecticut schools are posted as either “gun free” or banned on premises. My closing statement caused them to pause and actually think; apparently, Adam Lanza couldn’t read the sign.

  6. My wife also read somewhere last night that an anonymous hacking group (not “Anonymous” of 4chan fame), posted the Journal-News’ customer database on some filesharing site after the Journal-News came out and said “We’re going after this other county (can’t remember the name), next.”.

    “That other county” (still can’t remember the name) said in response, “Go pound sand, we’re NOT turning over this information to you.” I applaud that county, but wonder how their stance would hold up against a FOIA lawsuit if the Journal-News doubled down on the stupidity of this.

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