The Real Wages Of Gun Control

Chicago – where gun ownership by the law-abiding civilian is, in defiance of two SCOTUS rulings, still effectively banned – just saw its’ 500th homicide for the year.

That’s two Sandy Hook classrooms a month.  Every month.

And of those deaths, about seven or eight classrooms-full were children below age 15.  That’s on top of similar numbers the year before, and the several years before that.  And next year.

But they were largely black, and brown, and urban; not white and from fashionable zip codes and a lot like the children, nieces and nephews and grandchildren of the people who run our opinion-driving industry.  And they lived in a city that spawned our current President, who endorsed every single policy currently in force in a city that is nothing if not a laboratory for modern “progressivism”.  So they don’t count.

4 thoughts on “The Real Wages Of Gun Control

  1. Rahm taught Barak how to lie. Remember “jobs saved or created”?

    Dog Gone’s conclusion will be: Chicago’s death toll is as LOW as only 500 and in addition you’re not considering the 136 lives saved or created EVERY SINGLE DAY because of gun control.

  2. May God bless the true victims among the group of 500 murder casualities.

    I wish someone who had access to all data regarding the group would do a statistical breakdown of it. Or at least would share it; I’m sure that various public entities do this, but don’t like what they wind up with.

    A terrible tragedy, but a goldmine of criminological and sociological data for the Chicago metro area. Too bad we’ll never see it. I suppose all but the ongoing cases is public information. Then again, I doubt if CPD gets many leads or much cooperation in solving these cases.

    I wonder how Chicago Police Chief Garry McCarthy and Mayor Rahn will spin this number …

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