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  1. This is so comical coming from a pathetic loser like Piers Morgan who was even too big of a sleaze ball for his country and was run out of his profession there. Of course, our equally sleazy communist media had to scoop him up to become even more sleazy!

  2. If Americans had listed to the Brits on guns 237 years ago, Piers would be broadcasting on the state run Colonial News Network, subsidiary of the BBC.

  3. In late 1940 when Britain was about to be invaded, they found themselves unable to muster a citizens group to help hold off the Germans because most firearms had been regulated out of the hands of British subjects.

    A gun drive was sponsored by the American Committee for the Defense of British Homes. This was a private endeavor by shooting clubs, sportspersons, the NRA (gasp!) and concerned citizens. Their motto was “Send a gun to defend a British home.”. They collected thousands of rifles, handguns, shotguns, and binoculars which were distributed to the British Home Guard to hold back the attack. The weapons were sent to Britain and used for the intended purpose.

    After the war some were returned to their original owners and the rest were dumped in the sea. Why? The same reason Britain had to go begging for firearms in the first place: sensible gun laws. The Lend Lease program was also established then by the US government to officially re-arm the British.

    I wonder how Mr. Morgan felt about such an infusion of American weaponry back then.

    The story of the gun drive is quite interesting and can be found at many on-line sources. It’s an interesting aspect of the results of gun control that seems to have been lost to the ages. And what comment on Mr. Morgan can be complete without the obligatory “why dosen’t he go back there, then?”

  4. Joe, that’s the problem with the rest of the world today; they don’t remember that if it weren’t for the U.S. they may well not have even been born. I read a book once that speculated, based on the events of WWII, what the world would have looked like had the U.S. a. delayed entering the war or b. stuck to it’s isolationist agenda. I can’t find it and can’t remember the name of it, but it was rather frightening. I have a couple of friends and business associates that are from France and England respectively, They haven’t forgotten because their parents wouldn’t let them.

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