Lip Service

I hereby promise that when Scarlett Johannson and I start dating, I’ll let her drive the car half the time.

“But Merg”, you may say, “that’s an empty promise!  You and Scarlett will never ever ‘date’!”

“True!”, I’ll respond.  “Just like this “promise” from Governor Messinger Dayton!”:

When asked about legalizing same-sex marriage after Minnesotans defeated a constitutional amendment defining marriage as only between a man and a woman, Dayton said he would sign a bill if it comes to him. But he said he’s unsure if the Legislature is ready to consider the issue.

In other words – it’s an empty promise.  Tom Bakk started weaseling out of all of the DFL’s happy-talk about what a fundamental right marriage is, as we discussed last week.

Because if you’re paying attention to the Minnesota Left, marriage is about love…

…until it would hurt the DFL’s chances in the next round of elections.

“Love” is less important to the DFL than maintaining power.

All of you social liberals, and libertarians, and moderates, and people who bought the DFL/ABM/MU4AF’s gauzy message?  All of you instant celebrity drugstore-cowboy pseudo-liberty activists s who said that the only reason to oppose gay marriage was bigotry?  All of you gays who keep voting for the DFL?

You have, every last one of you, been hoodwinked.  You have been played for fools.  I am more likely to be trading driving duties with Scarlett Johannson than you are to see the DFL move to legalize gay marriage in the next two sessions. 

Especially all you gay Minnesotans.  You are of no value to the DFL as happy, married people.  Only as perpetually angry, socially influential votes they can count on.

And that, as they say, is all.

17 thoughts on “Lip Service

  1. Mitch, please enter the 21st century. The proper term is Gay-American Minnesotans. We are also willing to accept Gay Lesbian Transgendered Bi-Sexual Multi-Sexual Questioning Curious-Americans. Also known as Minneapolis City Council-Americans.

  2. I am agnostic, libertarian and believe marriage should be between one man and one woman. I also believe the push for same sex marriage rights has less to do with the actual right to marry than a attempt to use the force of government to strong-arm recognition and acceptance of same sex couples.

    That said, I also believe that introducing THAT amedment was ill-timed and cost the GOP the legislative majority.

    But any critically thinking individual should be painfully aware that a promise from the DFL would ONLY be fulfilled if it satisfied some political expedience for the DFL.

  3. Let’s face it – the gay marriage debate has always been about “normalizing” behavior a small minority engage in. It’s also a way for them to spank the faith community for being so narrow-minded as to suggest hetero and homo behavior are equivalent.

    A sin is a sin is a sin. Making one sin equivalent to another will never negate the sin. God knows this. We struggle.

  4. Correction: It’s also a way for them to spank the faith community for being so narrow-minded as to suggest hetero and homo behavior are NOT equivalent

  5. “All of you gays who keep voting for the DFL?

    You have, every last one of you, been hoodwinked.”

    They did achieve the goal of defeating the amendment (and the anti- group included primarily DFL activists). As far as taking further action to legalize gay marriage in Minnesota, I suspect the DFL is watching and waiting for the Supreme Court rulings.

    If the judiciary does the heavy lifting on gay marriage it frees MN DFL to focus on other issues, and it provides political cover for them. They aren’t stupid.

    And even if gay marriage is legalized it can continue to be used by both sides as a wedge issue going forward (as it is in states where it is legal, like Iowa). I wouldn’t bet that the Republicans magically win gay voters if gay marriage is made legal in MN.

  6. Hopefully they learned something from the GOP this past election. The DFL shouldn’t confuse their win as a mandate. They won tight races in swing districts and any serious move to the left will cost them their seats and possibly a House majority in 2014.

  7. The MN GOP — that party that gave so much lip service to fiscal responsibility as it was engaging in fiscally irresponsible conduct — used the two constitutional amendments for one reason and one reason only, to try to use a state action as a wedge issue to get out the vote when they didn’t have the money to do so.

    It blew up in your faces, as well it should.

    The MN GOP, the party that gave such lip service to the sanctity of marriage as the married leader, Amy Koch, and the married party ‘enforcer’ Brodkorb were screwing each other like weasels, showing exactly how little the party gave a damn, and the rest of the party looked the other way for a year.

    The party IS waiting to see what the SCOTUS will do; and today they announced they will rule on both DOMA, and California Prop 8. It would be stupid for the DFL to fight a battle they don’t need to fight. But whatever the decision is by the SCOTUS, there are more urgent priorities for the new legislature, now that the cracked pot tea partiers and other ALEC-owned conservatives are largely gone.

    Was it a mandate? I don’t care. I do hope that the Democrats move with more care than the chronic overreach of Republicans every damned time they get a majority. They squandered their opportunity to do what they were elected to do, instead wasting their time with waging culture war. THAT is the mistake I want the Democrats to avoid – to set serious priorities, and to pursue them without the crazy that the right has inflicted on the state during their two years of tyranny.

    Maybe if they work hard, they can get the state’s credit rating back to where it was, and undo whatever other damage the right wingnuts did.

    The ONLY sure thing I expect to see as an absolute certainty is a tax hike on the wealthiest top few percent, which is consistently hugely popular across party lines. And maybe a more honestly balanced budget than the hack job of jerry-rigging substandard accounting procedure trick piece of crap the MN GOP majority put together.

    And of course, facilitating the next phases of Obamacare.

  8. But Emery! We don’t play politics with CIVIL RIGHTS!!!!!!!
    I get the irony, but the Left has always worked hard to move what good governance would require be a political issue (like abortion) into the realm of civil rights so they can enshrine it in the constitution. Thus judges make law and it takes a super majority of citizens to unmake it.
    Somebody tell me why they call themselves ‘Democrats’, again?

  9. hack job of jerry-rigging substandard accounting procedure trick piece of crap the MN GOP majority put together.

    That’s all they were able to do A) following the mandate their constituents elected them to follow B) while the alcoholic medicated trust fund brat masquerading as governor refused to budge an inch and kicked every budget proposal back to them, eventually causing the shutdown after he sat on and vetoed the last budget proposal AFTER THE LEGISLATURE HAD RECESSED AS MANDATED BY THE STATE CONSTITUTION, THEREBY PREVENTING THEM FROM TRYING ANYTHING ELSE.

    What is it about her that makes me get all typey-yelly? Christ, she missed her calling. AM950 would be a perfect home for her.

  10. Mr. Berg,
    I just about blew my coffee through my nose while reading you’re “…don’t play politics with..[fill in the blank].

    I believe sanity’s comment is correct regarding the Supreme Court and how this will set the tone for future debates.

  11. How does Mr. Cur ever get his shirts ironed when his wench is always out shaking her ass on the internet?

  12. What will the DFL do regarding gay marriage? Play kick the can.

    Job one is raising taxes. Job two is bailing out DFL public union pension funds irresponsibly set up by City DFLers. Job three is irresponsibly expanding existing programs beyond our ability to pay for them.

  13. swiftee said: shaking her ass on the internet

    not good.

    now I have a vision of a redheaded harridan in a st olaf cheerleader outfit shaking about in a manner she feels is provocative. It will take a lot of whiskey to purge that image.

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