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The City of Saint Paul has asked downtown businesses to send workers home in advance of the 4PM protest march.

This is the protest dealt with in the meeting I personally covered about six weeks ago:

“We worked very hard to make the Day 1 march on the Xcel something that you can bring your family to and you can all come out for the war. And we believe Day 4 is for the truly committed and for the people who really want to see change and expect that to be a little harder to come to than just showing up with the kids and the balloons.”

Other rumors are flying.

I’ll be on the air tonight from 8 til 10 on AM1280.

9 thoughts on “Breaking News

  1. There something wrong when people have no fear to commit crimes. It’s not our law enforcement, but our courts. We coddle criminals. If these people thought they were going to get clubbed over the head, then spend 2 years in Stillwater, they would not be doing this. But they know they can get away with violence.

  2. Some van pool people from Golden Rule (in downtown St. Paul) have been told to “get out of town”. They did, I am also told.

  3. I sent an email to a good friend that works in an area that will probably see something and she hasn’t responded. My geuss is that they are out of there.

    They were told to wear casual clothes this week and if they are in business atire, they were at risk of being assualted.

    Any heard from Dave Thune?

  4. High bridge has been blocked with dump trucks all day. Maybe police got some intel on something? Not trying to cause alarm, but it seems strange that something that far from the Excel is closed.

  5. I hope the SPPD gets to deploy some more of that pepper spray. That stuff has a shelf life, dontcha know.

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