My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down

Today, the Northern Alliance Radio Network – America’s first grass-roots talkradio show – brings you the best in Minnesota conservatism, as the Twin Cities media’s sole source of honesty!

  • I’m in from 1-3.  We’ll be looking ahead at the DFL-controlled legislature, and going over a DFL hypcrisy on a key social issue.  We’re also scheduled to be talking with Marianne Stebbins, architect of the Ron Paul faction takeover of the MNGOP, on her movement and how the various bits and pieces of the MNGOP can play nice and actually win elections.
  • Brad Carlson’s show – “The Closer” – is on from 1-3 on Sunday.

(All times Central)

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5 thoughts on “My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down

  1. I think part of the trouble is that Republicans want to paint Americans as mobile and individualistic while they also want to portray liberals as permanent parasites and Democrats as pure-d liberals. That sort of leaves them to explain why there was no chance they would get better than 50% of the vote.

  2. “..liberals as permanent parasites and Democrats as pure-d liberals.”

    Make no mistake, liberals are parasites. They cannot help it; it’s inherent to all socialistic ideologies.

    Now, not every Democrat is a liberal, but every Democrat is a parasite… union thugs for instance, are Democrat operations that exist for no other reason than picking the pockets of as many people, with as little effort on their part, as possible.

  3. “That sort of leaves them to explain why there was no chance they would get better than 50% of the vote”

    Because they were right?

  4. To be fair, Obama won the election by an Electoral College landslide; not so much the popular vote. Let’s all move on to brighter days and hope we reach for immigration reform…

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