Recession Interuptus


“So I ask you, ladies and gentlemen; fellow Americans, are you better off – “

Aide walks to podium, whispers in his ear “spssss sps spssss spssss”

“uh, where was I?”

“Yes, uh, Change! Hope! Et cetera!”

It would appear that, at least until the election, our nation has averted an economic contraction and has actually grown more than predicted. Our 2nd quarter economy grew at an annualized rate of 3.3% instead of sinking towards what seems like a perpetually anticipated recession.

Not that it has been correlated with Bush’s stimuless check, but I may have to eat my words on the futility of the ill-advised tax rebate as the consumer has once again come to the rescue of our GDP.

More substantially though, the weak dollar has created a surge in exports.

U.S. Stocks Rally as Economic Growth Tops Estimates; Banks Gain

The Economy’s Upside Surprise

The timing may bode well for McCain and the RNC but all indications are this may very well be an economic dead cat bounce as exports rely on the health of other economies which are tenuous at best.

So keep spending until November please.

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  1. NRO is reporting that T-Paw is cancelling his interviews that had been set up for tomorrow.

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