Everything Tom Bakk Needs To Know About Spending, Joe Doakes Learned From Roger Miller

Joe Doakes from Como Park writes:

“Just sittin’ around drinkin’ with the rest of the guys

Six rounds bought, and I bought five.

Spent the groceries and half the rent.

I lack fourteen dollars of having twenty-seven cents”

  — “Dang Me” – Roger Miller

My Dad had that song on a LP record album we played on the Hi-Fi in the living room. It just came up on the iPod again.

I’ve heard that song for 50 years and never understood the lyrics. Now I get it – he’s so broke from drinking with his buddies that he’d need $14.00 just to end up with 27 cents. Makes perfect sense when you see the lyrics written out. (My son the math major says that means he’s $13.73 in the hole but I never was good at story problems and besides, it doesn’t rhyme).

50 years to get a joke. I wonder what else I’ve been missing.

Joe Doakes

Como Park


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