8 thoughts on “As We Watch Civilization’s Thin Veneer Chafing Away…

  1. This is heart breaking, as are the people that lost their entire way of life, because their houses and possessions are gone. Just like Katrina, it will take years for that area to recover.

    Now, there are reports that power company crews from other states, specifically Alabama, that drove all the way up there to help, are being turned away because they are non-union! Further proof that unions are dinosaurs that need to become extinct.

  2. We have too much central government trying to do too much. It’s unworkable and sometimes it’s a matter of life an death.

    Very few are better off with this lousy system. Wilson, Roosevelt, LBJ, Nixon, Carter, Bush II, Obama: they are all idiots.

  3. Okay, I’ll be the first to say it. Imagine if a Republican was President and this occured.

    “Americans forced to forage in dumpsters for food, while President X flys around the country in his jet, going to campaign events”. Then a split screen would show the dumpster divers and the Republican President yucking it up with supporters.

  4. Yea, even if the left wing propaganda machine were called on their failure to indict Obumbler for yet another failure, their collective response would be; “Well, Mayor Bloomberg, a Republican, said that he didn’t want his highness there!”

  5. Hmmm, speaking of chafing….
    Has Angryclown, the John Wayne Gacy of Shot in the Dark been heard from? In all the video of submerged taxis and other vehicles, I did not see anything resembling a clown car. Given that he spends a lot of time in his basement, I grow concerned about the possibility of SitD losing his er, a ‘unique’ perspective.

  6. Uuummm, when isn’t the Clown telling stories?

    Oh, you mean to imply they might be true this time? Or at least true-ish?

    A bunch of my relatives in Jersey are still without power and the earliest they expect power is late next week. The one on the shoreline was told it’d be around December before she got power back so she’s debating about heading to Florida. Buying a new dream house on the shore this summer hasn’t quite worked out the way she planned. There must be something in the family that attracts hurricanes whenever we live near the coast.

  7. There is no problem. The people in the video are not Black. It’s only a problem when Black people are affected. That’s the Lesson of Katrina. And Bloomberg knows it.

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