As I Was Sitting…

…staring at my cell phone, waiting for The Text from The One, I was thinking “Mitch?  You know that the one area where “Barack”, as his friends call him, is vulnerable is among hard-core establishment liberals from the northeast.  If only “Barack” could shore up his support among white, upper-middle-to-upper-class northeastern liberals, he’d really become a strong “buy”

And then The Phone beeped.

It was a special offer from my cell phone provider.  I erased it.

And then The Phone beeped again.  It was The Text from The One, with The Choice!

Wow“, I thought, “that was weird.  But what a choice!  “Barack” could have chosen Evan Bayh, to appeal to the more-moderate midwestern vote, the Hillaristas, where he’s traditionally a tad weaker.  Or he could have chosen Bill Richardson, and actually brought some common sense to the ticket.”

“But he picked Biden – and by doing so, he not only shored up his Northeastern Urban Institutional Liberal vote, but he also added “foreign policy experience”, because Joe Biden forty-odd years in the Senate where has been utterly wrong on every foreign policy issue from the Cold War on down“. 

I nodded my head, satisfied.

And then I pressed The Button to erase The Message.

6 thoughts on “As I Was Sitting…

  1. But if Biden has been wrong on every significant foreign policy issue for the past 4 decades, then he is a perfect fit for todays Democrat.

  2. the only choice better for McCain would have been Ted Kennedy

    clearly, Obama should have chosen Hillary

    …but he let his emotions get in the way of a business decision

  3. But Joe thinks barry is “clean and articulate”.

    Plus Archie Biden brings Delaware into play for O’bama.

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