Frequently Asked Questions V

Here are some of the questions that’ve come over the transom lately.

“Hahahaha!  Kurt Bills is going to lose!  That’s a loss for you!”:  Well, I am not on the ballot, so it’s not a loss for me. And I supported Severson at the convention.  Now, it is a fact that Kurt Bills would be a much better Senator than A-Klo; I support him, and will vote for him as many times as many times as Mark Ritchie will let me.  I’m praying – seriously – for an upset victory.  America’s future is not assured until modern “progressive” liberalism is peacefully extincted from politics, and getting Klobuchar out of the Senate would be a great step.  But this is going to be a tough race.  No doubt about it.

“Why don’t you shut up?  Minnesota votes Democrat!”:  OK, so what?  I still have a right to dissent.  So far. Chris Matthews notwithstanding.

“Why haven’t you taken on Michael Brodkorb!  You have no integrity”: Partly because there’s nothing to “take on”.  It’s a court case.  I don’t agree with Michael about everything, including inside-the-party politics, and I don’t endorse (or poke my nose into) his personal life choices, but he’s a friend of mine.  If you don’t like that, you’re free to give yourself a stroke fretting about it, but it won’t make any difference.   To the extent that the whole incident is portrayed as a symptom of the problems the MNGOP got itself into?  There’s a case to be made.  I don’t know, and my only real interest is in the party’s future.  Michael’s a brilliant political operator, and his career will no doubt resume its upward parabola.  If you have a problem with that, then say so.  Good luck; as long as Michael is a wedge within the GOP, he’ll be the media’s BFF (above and beyond his value as a source, which Michael earned). And if you have a problem with the fact that I’m letting other peoples’ personal dogs lie and moving on to the GOP’s future, grow some balls and quit the passive-aggressive sniping and take it up with me directly.  You’ll lose, but you’ll lose with some shred of honor.

“Hahaha, you are teh heppocreet!  When the polls were showing Obama ahead, you attacked them! But now that they’re showing Mittens in the lead, you are teh silent!  You are TEH HEPPOCREET!  You is sucks!”:  I don’t know that I’ve written a whole lot about the polls showing Romney ahead, but here’s the kicker;  the partisan turnout model of the polls are still mostly showing more Democrats than Republicans (Susquehanna poll in Pennsylvania and perhaps a few others excepted).

“So how about the Congressional and Legislative races?”: I think if Romney comes close to tying in Minneosta, we’ll hold the Legislature with votes to spare.  Some of the open seats in the ‘burbs are looking good, and the 8th CD is looking better.  And I hear rumors of another possible surprise outstate.  We shall see.

“Hahahah!  You are teh Springstein fan, but he’s endorsing Obeama! Hahaha, you looser!”:  This wasn’t even news in 2000, chuckles.  And stay tuned – because there’s a case that Springsteen may be America’s best conservative songwriter.  And there’s only one blogger that’s gonna tackle that job.  After the election.

“Hahahaha, you are teh Republican in Saint Paul!  You are teh PWN3D!”:  As Abraham Lincoln said, “the likelihood that he might fail ought not deter a man from a cause he believes just”.  And there is no more just cause than bringing democracy to Saint Paul.  It’s going to be a long job.  I’m not going anywhere.  (Because it’s impossible to sell a house in St. Paul).

“You support the Marriage Restriction Amendment?   You ave full of teh hate!”:  I”m ambivalent about the Amendment.  I don’t so much support it as I reject the arguments of most of its opponents.  More next week.  Probably.

“How about those Bears?”:  As I wrote a few years ago, the Bears are truly America’s barometer.  Stay tuned to their record over the nest few weeks.  It’ll be a kety barometer, not just for this election, but for the future of this nation and our civilization.

9 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions V

  1. Entertaining one!. (I assume you cut and pasted the semi-coherent questions?). As for Michael Brodkorb – I for one am glad you let it alone. It’s sad and messy, I am too naive to even take a guess at any of the reasonings, so let that scenario work itself out and yes – concentrate on where we can have a positive impact.

  2. The pro-marriage amendment crowd hasn’t done a good job of selling their position to fence sitters. Their message that marriage should be between 1 man and 1 woman..well, I imagine everyone who agrees with that is voting for the amendment anyway.

    Finally last night I saw the message that I make when saying we need this amendment. That the Gaystapo (they were much more diplomatic in the ad) has pledged to destroy anyone and any institution that doesn’t submit to them. And the ad gave some brief examples.

    Basically…that if (and unfortunatly, I have to say when) the gay lobby wins in this country, it will be illegal to be pro-traditional marriage.

  3. A healthy handful of those comments reflect the intellect of the left (and yes, I realize the right has some real winners too).

    But then again think of, essentially, the intellect of the left boils down to…you have it, I don’t and I’m entitled to simply because you have it and I don’t.

    I witness the same intellect and thought process anytime I see toddlers and a pile of toys…

  4. “I still have a right to dissent. So far.”
    Exactly. But you’ll pretty much be able to kiss that goodbye if/when BHO gets a second term and puts a couple more of his picks on SCOTUS.

  5. “Love is bigger than government.”

    I love that line from the commercials. The first time liberals have found something bigger than government and it’s gay marriage.

  6. The best part of Brodkorb ran down his daddy’s leg, but where it comes to gently pointing it out, Mitch can sit this one out.

    Our bench is deep.

  7. I’d support gay marriage if I had a choice. But if I don’t support it they will claim I’m hateful, they will scream profanities at me, they will try to get me fired, they might even try to accuse me of being gay, if I had a company they’d get the city to shut me down, if I were black they’d scream racist insults at me and if I voted for a law they would get a judge to overturn it.

    As I get no real choice in the matter, I can’t genuinely support it.

  8. HT: Kel. Waiting for anyone in media to pick up the Daily Caller article by Mr. Boyle. It’s damning for A-Klo and worthy of a much, much closer look. Is it possible that a candidate would be willing to sell their influence in exchange for cash? This would be unprecedented (except for Chicago).

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