Joe Doakes from Como Park writes:

New sign posted this week at the front entrance to Ramsey County Property Records and Revenue (the place where you file your deed and pay your taxes), located at 90 West Plato Blvd. It’s across the river from downtown.

The building sits on land owned by Ramsey County government and used for official government business.

The “guns banned” sign comes from Minn. Stat. 624.714, Subd. 17. That law allows posting by a private establishment controlled by a nongovernment entity and used for a nongovernment purpose. On its face, that law does not apply to the government office where the public comes to pay taxes.

Quiz of the day question: are guns banned in that building because of that sign?

Joe Doakes

Como Park

I’m going to guess that the building has some connection to the Ramco Court system, and can be legally posted.  It’s the same technicality that the City of Minneapolis used to arrest Joel Rosenberg a few years back; even though he wasn’t in a “court” facility per se, the court system was involved with the building.

That’s just a hunch, and I can’t say as I’m going to line up to be the text case.

That being said, I’m going to shine the GOCRA signal on a passing cloud and hope a real gun-rights expert turns up…

3 thoughts on “Technicalities

  1. The County web site says this:

    Plato Building
    The Plato Building is located near Downtown Saint Paul, first block south of the Wabasha Street Bridge. This facility is home to the Property Records & Revenue Department, Assessor, Elections, Examiner of Titles, County Recorder, Tax Forfeited Lands, Public Health, Emergency Management and Veterans Services.

    Unless there is a hidden courtroom, there is no way they are ALLOWED to ban guns.

    Anyone got a photo?

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