Just For Mandarins

John Gilmore at Minnesota Conservatives is demanding the U of M release the video of Governor Dayton’s speech to the Humphrey Institute, which we discussed earlier this week.

Here’s Gilmore’s email to the U of M, which explains it better than I could:

Email to U of M General Counsel

If, as Gilmore notes, the U really did claim it was “too expensive” to videotape the Governor, and that local TV stations taped the event but are sitting on it (why?) – well, what’s the U protecting?

3 thoughts on “Just For Mandarins

  1. What’s so hard to understand about political collusion between government and media, Mr. Gilmore? Media and government both have their thumbs on the scales of truth. It’s supposed to be a ‘given,’ John.

  2. A question for Learned Foot – is there a Minnesota equivalent of FOIA through which the U can be REQUIRED to produce this?

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