The 3AM Phone Call – Over And Over And Over

Joe Doakes from Como Park writes:

Last week, the drone was Obama’s weapon of choice and his war strategy was working.

This week, CBS News reports:

“. . . there had been threats that Islamic militants might try to take revenge for the death of al Qaeda’s No. 2 commander Abu Yahya al-Libi, who was killed in a U.S. drone strike in Pakistan in June, and he said the U.S. consulate should have been better protected. Confirming al-Libi’s death for the first time in a video posted online Monday, al Qaeda chief Ayman Al-Zawahri called on Muslim’s in al-Libi’s native Libya to take revenge for his death.”

Follow the logic with me: on Monday, September 10, Al Qaeda instructs Libyan Muslims to take revenge on Americans. On Tuesday, September 11, Libyan Muslims storm the embassy, Libyan officials betray the ambassador’s safe house, Muslim terrorists kill him and drag his body through the streets. This was a terrorist act, not a religious one.

The “your film clip insulted Mohammad” line is a cover story to divert American attention from the fact that Muslim terrorists struck Americans on 9/11 AGAIN, three years into Obama’s watch, as a direct result of the President’s specific war policy choices and we knew it was coming.

The cover story is intended to protect Obama by appealing to American Liberals who want to blame Jewish filmmakers and Christian ministers for Muslim violence under the same “look what you made me do” reasoning used by wife-beaters everywhere. Saddest of all, it seems to be working.

Joe Doakes

Saint Paul, Minnesota


19 thoughts on “The 3AM Phone Call – Over And Over And Over

  1. Yes, I’m afraid that you are correct, Joe. The useful idiot DemocRATs have sucked that up, just like they will be sucking up the latest pack of lies being broadcast incessantly by Alita Messenger’s propaganda wing, Alliance to Ruin MN Forever.

  2. The Middle East debacle emerging this week is going to be Obama’s Waterloo. People stay away from partisan politics because they don’t like conflicts. This is not partisan politics – this is an act of war which is being unreported by our dear, misguided friends in the press. This act of willful ignorance by the press will sink their chosen candidate.

  3. Who knows what would have happened if Bush was President? Our embassies may have been attacked and our diplomats murdered. Thank Soros for Smart Policy.

  4. Update thought sparked by Powerline:

    As far as we can tell, the score is Terrorists 4, Marines 0.

    When we had intel of retaliation, on the anniversary of Sept. 11, who ordered our embassy guards to fire warning shots over heads only?


  5. Feeble logic again Joe.
    There is every indication that this was not an act in Libya dating to 9/10.
    What we don’t know is if the Libyan terrorists, taking advantage of the government still reorganizing knew or did not know that our ambassador would be at the consulate.
    What we DO know is that the right wing extremists planned the movie to provoke protests, and appear to have engaged in promoting it to those most likely to be manipulated into a response, by subsequently translating the overdubbed dialog into Egyptian arabic, and calling it to their attention, apparently intending to provoke a 9/11 response.
    And the righties you conservatives embrace and include are apparently considering their film successful, and boast that they anticipated and planned for the protests at our embassies across the middle east and other Muslim countries. They got the fool fraud Terry Jones to help them do it, not that he has ever needed much encouragement to put our citizens abroad in harm’s way.

    Romeny was wrong; there is nothing inconsistent with American values in opposing Islamophobia any more than it was ever unAmerican to oppose anti-semitism.

    The press isn’t misguided, but you all seem to be.

    I think it would be poetic justice, after holding the film makers accountable for their efforts to incite insurrection against our government to in turn extradite them to the middle east for a little rough justice there, since they like that violence so very much.

    In the meantime, I was deeply touched by the efforts of mainstream Libyans in defending our consulate, and in particular, their efforts to rescue our ambassador from a burning building and to carry him to a hospital in an effort to try to save his life, as well as joining with security forces to defend our people and property. Ten of them died doing so. If anyting demonstrated the admirable qualities of Muslims generally and Libyans specifically, it was those actions.

    This series of events has demonstrated how vilely unAmerican the far right fringies are, and has shown clearly how either Obama or Sec State Clinton are the best people to be there for a 3 am crisis — and clearly Mitts on R-money shoot from the hip without aiming first is not.

    Hey Joe – are you ever going to acknowledge who comprised the old right and the new right, or their role in opposing civil rights in the last century? I’m guessing you aren’t man enough to admit facts when you’re wrong.

  6. Dog Gone said:

    “Feeble logic …”

    which is a joke unless it continues with “… is exactly what I am here to provide”. It didn’t say that, so I quit reading as well.

  7. OK, so we have an “Islamophobic” video which features the nastiest caricatures of Islam, and in protesting it…..

    …..the protesters practice in real life the nastiest caricatures of Islam. Now, was the film so Islamophobic after all? You might as well say that downing a bottle of whiskey is the way to overcome stereotypes about Irishmen, eating lutefisk overcomes stereotypes about Norwegians, or casting someone’s feet in concrete and pushing them off a boat is the way to overcome stereotypes about Sicilians.

  8. Troy said:

    “so I quit reading as well……”

    which is a lie unless it continues with “and simply went back to Fox News so I know what to think”.

    It didn’t, so I just wrote it off as another in a loooong line of uselesss commentary.

  9. “I think it would be poetic justice, after holding the film makers accountable for their efforts to incite insurrection against our government to in turn extradite them to the middle east for a little rough justice there, since they like that violence so very much.”

    You are a pathetic hypocrite dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Bubbasan, not all those things were caricatures (other than the acting, which was horrid). In “The Wives of Mohammed” we find:

    ‘Aisha being the only one among all his wives who had been married to him in her virginity,—a circumstance of which ‘Aisha never failed to boast. She was the most youthful of his wives, having been married to him at the age of six years, and Muhammadan historians relate that ‘the prophet of God’ consummated his marriage with the child when she reached her ninth year

    Mohammed was 50 at the time.

    Don’t believe me? You can read it for yourself here among other places. This was fairly freely acknowledged and more commonly known until recently when it became somewhat un-PC to discuss it.

    There’s some, um, “debate”, in scholarly circles as to whether the minimum age of consummation of marriage being set at 9 is because of Aisha. Me? I’m a cynic.

  11. Our DOJ is helping out the crazies and endangering American citizens by publicly “outing” the people who made the film. Obama is pretty bad, but Holder is a nutcase. I am not sure what country he thinks that he is AG of, but it ain’t the America I live in. In my America, the AG works for us, not Islamic crazies.

    On NPR today they used the DOJ info to ID the film’s makers. One is by birth an Egyptian Coptic. I suppose if the Egyptians riot and kill a few Copts the blood will be on Holder’s hands.
    The NPR “journalist” reporting on this was clueless. She spoke with an on-the-ground BBC reporter in Yemen and, after helpfully telling her, from her studio in the U.S., that the Yemen protests were peaceful, she asked the Beeb reporter if the Yemeni protesters understood that this was a very marginal film not endorsed by the U.S. government.
    The Beeb reporter was incredulous that the NPR “journalist” could believe that this was some kind of rational response driven by an error of attribution. The Beeb reporter carefully informed the NPR “journalist” that none of the protesters had seen the film.

  12. Earsall Mackbee said:

    “I just wrote it off as another in a loooong line of uselesss commentary”

    I know “useless commentary” is an area of some expertise for you, Earsall Mackbee, but I must disagree.

  13. We know where DG got her krazee, un-American, pro-sharia ideas about prosecuting her fellow citizens for using their freedom of speech to mock the prophet (Peanutbutter Be Upon Him).
    MSNBC was all over that idea Thursday morning.
    Ironic, since just a few months ago, Larry O’Donnel went on a rant about Mormonism being a fraud and Joseph Smith being a false prophet.

  14. DG the Islamic world will always find a new reason to hate the un-Islamic world. They have been doing it for the past 1400 years. Jew, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, and others have been persecuted under their rule.

    But it is always nice to see the liberal commitment to the concept of free speech. If it is speech a liberal doesn’t like, any punishment even the death penalty is appropriate.

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