The Goat Rodeo

I spent most of Monday night – as in, from 9PM to 1AM – at a 4th CD GOP meeting.

As I probably foreshadowed the other day, I figured it’d be an ugly, contentious meeting.

It certainly was.

I haven’t had time to write an actual recap of the evening – I certainly will – but until then, check out Joe Schultz’ take on the event.

Here’s the capsule summary:

I do want to commend the chair for bringing the potential FEC violations to the attention of the Full Committee. It is certainly his duty to bring such issues to light. The problem I see is the circumstances under which the audit was conducted. First, to the best of my knowledge John is not a qualified auditor. There were several people at the meeting who have more experience in FEC matters than John that were questioning his legal interpretations and fine conclusions. Second this issue seems to be being used as a way to withhold funds from CD4’s endorsed candidate Tony Hernandez. Remember John didn’t want to call a meeting to discuss disbursement of funds before he had any inkling of FEC violations. FEC fines are uncertain. It certainly seems like an excuse. Finally a big issue is what was not discussed. What were John’s plans for usage of the $5k before he knew about any potential FEC fines? Why was there no associated fundraising plan to waylay such funding concerns so that CD4 could continue to support its candidates? Where is John’s plan for victory in CD4?

Perhaps the most obvious problem stemming from the meeting last night was the combative atmosphere between John Kysylyczyn and what looked like 95% of the CD4 Full Committee. Several members of the Full Committee shouted – or typed – profanities during the meeting. John, for his part, showed a healthy dose of condescension and egotism bordering on contempt. One thing was amply clear: CD4’s Republicans will not move forward with John Kysylyczyn as Chair. There is too much animosity. Regardless of the merits of the issues John brought to the CD4 Full Committee meeting (and there were merits), the way in which John went about it destroyed any chance for progress.

More, most likely, tomorrow.

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