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.Joe Doakes from Como Park writes:

I suggest a reader-input question:

What would you like to see President Mitt Romney do in his first 100 days?

Here’s one item I’d like to see. It’s not the highest priority but it’s something that really should be done.

Dear Queen Elizabeth:

Your government graciously gave our government a bust of Winston Churchill that symbolized the close relationship between the major powers in the English-speaking world. The bust enjoyed a place of honor in the White House for many years until it was thoughtlessly returned. I apologize for that and, if it please Your Majesty, we would very much like to have it back.


President Mitt Romney

It’s not crititcal but it’s the right thing to do.

Joe Doakes

Como Park

Take it away, folks.

The comment section, not the Churchill bust.  I’m with Joe on this one.

15 thoughts on “Reader Input

  1. Incompetent at foreign policy.
    Incompetent at economics.
    Incompetent at foreign policy.
    Incompetent at the law.

  2. “What would you like to see President Mitt Romney do in his first 100 days?”
    I pondered this some and several things came to mind:
    – Defund several cabinet departments.
    – Begin an investigation of Holder with an eye to prosecution.
    – Send the UN an eviction notice.

    And prior to that just for fun invite BiBi to a front row seat at his inauguration, that’d send one hell of a message to Iran.

  3. “Sanity”, given that Vice President Biden told a group of Virginians they would win North Carolina, maybe the Stars & Bars flag the MN Historical Society has should be given to Virginia as a gesture of good faith that Democrats actually know some geography.
    PS: Why does the Curator have his arms crossed so tightly? Body language types could probably read something into this.

  4. 1. Reverse Obama’s executive order allowing Obamacare waivers, then tell those who had ’em “if it’s too onerous, work to reverse the law.”

    2. Reverse Obama’s executive order allowing Most Children Left Behind waivers, then tell states affected “if it’s too onerous, work to end the DoEd.”

    ….you get the picture.

  5. Put the federal government on an austerity budget.

    Propose tort reform legislation so doctors don’t have to carry so much insurance.

    Propose legislation to decriminalize and deregulate suppressors (silencers) for guns. Make the issue all about politeness, decreasing noise pollution, and conservations of eardrums.

  6. My suggestion…

    Dear Arabic Peoples of the World,
    As you know, my predecessor and his Vice President routinely ignored the logic of arithmetic your ancestors bequeathed the peoples of the world. In my administration, “jobs” will again be a four letter word and “made in the “USA” will not be a three word phrase. What’s more, I will avoid the double counting of contributions to health care and will do away with the idea of jobs “saved” and instead return my country to the standard of jobs “created”.
    Yours Truly,
    Mitt Romney

  7. Scott Hughes; Great ideas, but I would add the following:
    -Send Valerie Jarrett to Siberia (if we can get a couple of yaks for her)
    -Get rid of all czars
    -Send Sebelius on a secret mission to Antarctica

  8. Mr. D, one thing about those bird type micro devices is that they’ll give me extra motivation to spend more time on the skeet and trap ranges…wink….

  9. Boss, right you are. I especially like the idea of getting rid of any and all czars. Mitt should be really busy returning this country to a Constitutional Republic.

  10. Allow me to add a request for something President Romney not do: that is, do not copy the disrespectful tone set by his predecessor during the inauguration and first two years, in which he did everything but indict the previous administration for war crimes. He should also dismantle with no comment the cruel hoax on the American people called the Affordable Care Act, which risibly promised a health care system that would cover everything without limits, cost nothing and provide no barriers to access. Obama was the most mendacious and incompetent chief executive this country has ever seen. I think we can recover, but the patient almost dies.

  11. Mitt should review ever Executive Order on the books with an eye to repeal. I would suggest starting with Bush the Elder’s ANWAR drilling ban & Barack’s GITMO to close by January 2010.
    I’d think repealing 60%+ would be a good start. The beauty of starting with EOs is Congress wouldn’t be involved, & it’s a bold step that shows Mitt’s administration will not be business as usual.

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