For Those Who Are Unclear On The Concept

It’s September 10.  Not November.

But the media – basking in the afterglow of an Obama bounce they bent over backwards to manufacture – doesn’t want you, conservative reader, to think that.

It’s “Operation Demoralize” [1], the coastal mainstream media’s effort as part of its duty as the Democrat party’s Praetorian Guard, to try to demonize and demoralize Conservatives and Republicans from hitting the streets, opening their wallets, and above all voting in November.

The Democrats are well aware of the research showing the effects of “The Bandwagon Effect“; put briefly, “if you tell people long and loudly enough that their candidates have no chance, they’ll start to believe it.  Like an abusive spouse telling a partner “you’re ugly and nobody but me will ever love you, so don’t bother trying”, it’s a way to browbeat people out of voting.

And you can expect a lot of it.

Prediction:  Expect a Star/Tribune “Minnesota Poll” any day showing Obama, A-Klo and the DFL legislative caucuses with improbably large leads.  It’s their MO, never moreso than with the tight races.  And the Bandwagon Effect, I maintain  with little fear of factual contradiction, is why.

[1] No, it’s probably not a real name, and it’s possible there is no actual collusion among mainstream media outlets.  Anything’s possible.

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  1. We have a leaker at the DoDE, Mitch how did you get these blueprints so I know who to kill, er, I mean talk to?

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