Now That’s Confidence!

Demko at the Minnesoros “Independentcovers Franken at FarmFest.

Typical stuff.  But I caught this bit here, about a pheasant-hunting trip with 7th District congressional representative Collin Peterson:

Franken noted that it was his first time toting a rifle into the woods and that his staff needed to give him a tutorial in order to make sure he didn‘t accidentally shoot the powerful chairman of the House Agriculture Committee.

Going after pheasant with a rifle?

If it worked, I suppose it’d be one way of impressing Republican voters.

Of course, Peterson wouldn’ve been in less danger than all the people half a mile downrange…

7 thoughts on “Now That’s Confidence!

  1. Al only needs the rifle as a prop.

    He actually sneaks up on his prey, strangles it with his mad wrasslin’ skillz and swallows it whole; obviously someone has informed him that his base of supporters might find the sight offputting.

  2. Half a mile? I don’t know of any rifle that isn’t dangerous for at least twice that distance. Even my .22 target loads are dangerous at a mile.

    Still, I guess going fowling is a step up from fouling up the airwaves.

  3. Maybe he’ll get invited to go deer hunting with John Kerry, crawling through the brush with his shotgun to sneak up on them.


  4. Actually with the exception of a .22, shooting pheasants with a rifle is ILLEGAL.

    So if he truly walked into the field with a rifle, with the intention of shooting pheasants, then he was violating a number of hunting regulations.

  5. And actually shooting a pheasant with a rifle would be damned easy…probably why it’s illegal to do so. I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen a pheasant out in the open at a distance. By the time my dog, myself and my shotgun get to the area, it’s moved into cover or flown off. With a rifle I could have picked it off from a hundred yards away.

    Hell, if I showed up right at the start of shooting time (when pheasants are in the open feeding), I’d have my limit inside of 5 minutes…2 minutes if it’s a semi-auto.

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