Primary Colors: A DFL Ad Disguised As A GOP Endorsement

“It was a bitchy endorsement”.

That’s what a conservative female friend of mine described the Strib’s endorsement” of Karin Housley (over Eric Langness) in the SD39 race.

It was an apt description:

Housley, 48, outclasses Langness, 34, and gets our nod, but it’s not an enthusiastic one. The Realtor and radio talk-show host, married to 21-year NHL star and Stillwater hockey coach Phil Housley, is making her second bid for the state Senate. She lost narrowly in 2010 to DFL Sen. Katie Sieben in pre-redistricting District 57.

Years of interest in legislative service should have led Housley to bone up on state issues. Her confession that she hasn’t analyzed the state budget, and her claim that “there’s waste across the board,” might be acceptable from a first-time candidate. They’re troubling the second time around.

Although not “troubling” enough for the Strib to similarly snif about many, many DFLers they endorse notwithstanding much genuine “ignorance” (or, as real people call it, “focusing on priorities”).

Still, we see more potential in Housley than in Langness, director of career services for Anthem College. He’s a former Forest Lake School Board member whose efforts to cut school spending led to his defeat for reelection in 2009.

The message: “at least we don’t know that Housley is one of those big bad conservatives”.

We did say “bitchy”, right?

District 39 isn’t in the habit of sending DFLers to the Legislature. But voters who share our concerns about the GOP contenders should know that former state Rep. Julie Bunn — a Stanford University Ph.D. economist and former Macalester College professor — is the DFL candidate on the November ballot. She warrants their consideration.

“We interrupt this primary endorsement to provide a free, fawning, foot-sniffing ad for a DFLer wannabe-career-politician who’s not running in the primary”.

I’m always amazed that Strib writers and editors are so nonplussed that anyone could accuse them of systematic bias.

6 thoughts on “Primary Colors: A DFL Ad Disguised As A GOP Endorsement

  1. “at least we don’t know that Housley is one of those big bad conservatives”

    Well, yeah. Not only is Housley a spender (especially on schools, as she’s a realtor and wants to keep local property values up), but she’s also a closet pro-choicer and pro-birth control chick. Pro-gay marriage? Someone needs to ask her about that one. Fer sure she ain’t evangelical pure as the driven snow . . .

    Langness, OTOH, is a true Tea party conservative. He’s got the right stuff, and his public service record shows it.

  2. On the issue of abortion — Langness is clearly pro-life, and says so on his website:

    You won’t find a page like this anywhere on Housley’s campaign site.

    In fact, Housley is light on ANY issue. Her issues page mentions only 3 topics, and all breezy one paragraph ditties. No depth at all to this candidate, so Strib at least had that part right. It’s like she’s running a high school contest to be the homecoming queen. Housley and her “chicks” don’t quite get that this is the state legislature, not a high school popularity contest. Housley is a nice community service lady with money because she won the marriage lottery. That’s great and she has an important role in the community — it’s just not the resume for serving in the state leg.

    Langness is clearly the better choice.

  3. Oops. Just looked at Housley’s site again, and now she has one page on issues, but only one issue (JOBS). Looks like someone is helping her to flesh that one out a bit more.

    Bottom line: Peel back the layers. Housley is a RINO.

  4. Eric Langness is the Conservative candidate here … and is clear on the issues. I know that, having been the only Conservative on the Forest Lake School Board, he is not intimidated by Liberal arguments. He is the candidate who can stand firmly on the issues against Julie Bunn. Julie Bunn will spin everything in her “as an economist” mode, but what good is that, really, when your economics are all wrong? We need a strong and steady candidate and message in the Minnesota Senate — that will hopefully be Eric Langness for the 4th District!

  5. If either one of you (assuming you are two separate people) is a true conservative, you would stop the 7th grade mean girl tirades and go vote in the primary for your candidate of choice. Save your vitriol for the general election and aim it at Julie Bunn.

  6. Katie,

    There are two separate people – or at least two separate IP addresses.

    But yes – beating Bunn is the real goal here.

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