In The Interest Of Disclosure

I’m a volunteer for the Tony Hernandez for Congress campaign.  I’m doing some communications work for the GOP-endorsed candidate in CD4 – the usual, nitty-gritty stuff that are the blocking and tackling of the communication effort behind any local grassroots campaign.

As part of the “job” (no, I don’t get paid), I’ll be writing about Betty McCollum.

Long-time readers of this blog know that that is something I do plenty of anyway.  There won’t be much change.

So to sum up:  I’ll be doing what I normally do for free on my own, for free for the Hernandez campaign.  While I don’t get paid, I still find it deeply unethical for bloggers to blog on behalf of campaigns and not disclose the fact.

Consider yourselves disclosed.


9 thoughts on “In The Interest Of Disclosure

  1. Even when we disagree, I will always say you have talent – he’s lucky to have you — and he should be paying you!!!!!

  2. Yeah, because if he doesn’t pay you it will be harder to characterize this situation as sinister/illegal in the future on CrazyBlog.

  3. I demand to see 47 years of Berg’s tax returns. Also, I will pay a reward to anyone who has ever heard Berg use the term “Anglo-Saxon” in a positive context.

  4. Not to start unsubstantiated rumors, but I heard that once, when his child forgot the hamster she was supposed to bring to show-and-tell, Berg strapped it on the back of his moped and delivered it to her school. The poor hamster was on the back of the moped for a harrowing 1.2 mile ride, during which the moped’s speed approached twenty-five miles per hour. The hamster was not even equipped with a safety helmet.

  5. In order to adhere to the high standards of Harry Reid, I now claim that the story about the hamster does not come from a single source I will not name, but from several sources I will not name.

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