I Have Known For Years…

…that Minnesota’s first female governor would be Republican.

But I always thought she’d be elected, as opposed to fleeting up because our governor got a promotion:

Pawlenty, who previously has gone out of his way to tamp down expectations, on Tuesday pointedly dodged the veep question.

“I’ve stopped engaging in all this vice-presidential discussion,” he told Fox News on Tuesday, in an interview from Arlington. “It’s interesting, I’m sure, for people to speculate about, but I’ve stopped engaging in it.”

On Wednesday, Pawlenty popped over to Michigan to speak to Republicans at a well-known audition spot: the Lincoln Day dinner.

Governor Molnau?

I suppose her first act in office might be to appoint Larry Pogemiller to head MNDoT.

4 thoughts on “I Have Known For Years…

  1. Not a big fan of taking one poll and holding it as Gospel, but….new poll out has J-Mac trailing the Messiah in Minnesota by 2……46-44. Also thought the days of a state voting for a ticket just because someone from there state is on it is over (see Tennesse and North Carolina), but perhaps this may sway a few. Minn-Wisc-Iowa. Could be a big as Pennsy-Ohio-New Mexico.

  2. Chuck, T-Paw won’t make a bit of difference in in WI or IA. Would Jim Doyle or Chet Culver help Obama here? My family back in Wisconsin couldn’t care less about T-Paw.

  3. Good point. Ew, Jim Doyle. He’s right up there with Dougie LaFollette and Feingold and the worst of the liberal Madison wienies. Well, okay, there are a few hundred more.

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