Because We All Respect Fleet Street So Very Very Much

The British media – who generally make “TMZ” and “Entertainment Tonight” look pretty sober and respectable in comparison – are selling a lot of papers by bagging on Mitt Romney’s “gaffe” over London’s preparations for the Olympics…

…that wasn’t a gaffe at all.  They’re the most over-budget games in modern Olympic history.  The police are overmatched by the security (to say nothing of traffic) nightmare, and are bringing in the British Army to help – not just in specialist roles (as in Romney’s Salt Lake City Winter games), but for the daily blocking and tackling.

Romney’s right.

But the real question in all of this is:  are you, the American taxpayer, worker and voter, better off now than you were in 2008?

That was the Beijing Olympics, if I recall correctly?

3 thoughts on “Because We All Respect Fleet Street So Very Very Much

  1. Yup! The left wing babbling bobbleheads on CBS were already jumping on that bandwagon. Apparently, they didn’t listen to the clip that they aired, because Mitt only expressed concerns about the REPORTS of potential strikes by customs officials and not enough security people. He did not condemn anything. I think that due to his involvement in returning the US Olympics to financial stability and other operations, he knows far more than these mental midgets and that commie libturd PM, David Cameron!

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  3. YouTube has a wonder Piers Morgan interview saying everybody in Britian knows Mitt was absolutely right, but the American press is spinning it for Obama.

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