Toward A Better Conversation

If you’re not on Twitter, this article likely won’t make a lot of sense.  Don’t worry about it.

If you are on Twitter, the main means of making sense of the torrent of commentary is the “Hashtag”.  It’s a little code with a “#” sign in front of it; by having Twitter search for hashtags you’re interested in, you can watch conversations and subjects that actually interest you.  For example, the Northern Alliance Radio Netwrok’s hashtag is “#narn“.  The Star Tribune started a hashtag called “#Stribpol“.for discussing politics.

The Twin Cities’ conservative alternative media – the mass of pro-liberty bloggers, weekend talk show hosts, tweeps and their followers whose networking has made it among the most potent alt-media scenes in the country – needs its own hashtag.  Much of the Twin Cities conservative alt-media’s conversation takes place either in fairly smallish hashtags aimed at niche markets – #narn, #LateDebate – or in the big scrums like #stribpol and #tptalmanac, which are overrun with stalkers, creeps, and the liberal bobbleheads and chanting-point bots.

And I think we need a clearer channel, as it were.

And so I propose the #TCinMN hashtag: “Top Conservatives In Minnesota” (or “Twitter Conservatives in Minnesota”, it doesn’t matter).  There were a number of good suggestions – #MNCon and #MNLiberty.  But MNCon is too prankable, and MNLiberty is a lot of typing.

I’m going to throw it out there and see what happens.  If you’re a tweep, though, by all means sound off – here or there.

UPDATE:  Another that works, and is shorter, is #MNTC – “Minnesota’s Top Conservatives” or “Minnesota Twitter Conservatives”.

UPDATE 2:  And it’s #MNTC!

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