At least for now…

Plymouth, Minnesota: Money Magazine’s #1 Best Place to Live, August 2008 Issue

Some selected stats, however, may not bode well…

Plymouth, MN vs. Best Places Average

Sales Tax:  6.65 vs. 6.60% (Baseball in the freezing rain anyone?)

State Income Tax Rate: 7.85% vs. 5.17% (Highest Bracket)

State Income Tax Rate: 5.35% vs. 2.43% (Lowest Bracket) (That’s not a typo…their lowest is higher than the average highest)

Job Growth 7.89% vs. 18.72% (Anyone think taxes may have anything to do with this?)

Average Property Taxes $4526 vs. $3886

Topnotch schools, good jobs, affordable housing, low crime, an active outdoor culture – yep, they’re pretty much all here. Plymouth could have become just another Twin Cities suburb, but more than 50,000 jobs keep residents working there.

And they’re paying for it too!

5 thoughts on “At least for now…

  1. You guys don’t know property taxes. I moved here from Vermont with a property tax rate that makes this one look pitiful — there’s a statewide property tax there “imposed” by the state supreme court to “equalize” funding of schools. Talk about a boondoggle!

    And New Yawk isn’t much better. My brother in law lives out in the sticks of upstate New York in a slightly smaller and not quite as nice house on the same amount of land and he only pays twice what I do and thought his taxes were low, at least until he saw my bill on the ‘fridge when he visited last year. But at least he also pays more in income tax and sales tax and gets fewer services and worse schools.

  2. Well, at least I won’t have to see the Rochester Post-Bulletin going on and on and on and on and on about it’s Money Magazine ranking this year. Back when Rochester was getting ranked #1, you would have thought money was falling from trees in this town and everyone was singing Kumbaya, the way the P-B would cover it. This year, I think Rochester ranked somewhere in the 70s, so there was only minor coverage.

  3. Yoss points out,

    This year, I think Rochester ranked somewhere in the 70s, so there was only minor coverage.

    And that’s why these rankings are meaningless. Have things changed in any real way in Rochester since it was #1? It seems like they rank some random Twin Cities suburb high each year but there’s no real way to know why. This year it’s Plymouth; next year it will be Woodbury, or Eden Prairie, or Maple Grove, or Hilltop. Okay, maybe not Hilltop. But the next time Plymouth will be way down or not even on the list. And there won’t be any explanation for why Plymouth fell off the chart.

  4. I live in a small town bordering Plymouth, my neighbor lives partially in Plymouth, and partially in the town I do…

    He has 50 feet of lakeshore property in the small town, and 10 feet of lakeshore in Plymouth…and his property taxes for Plymouth are more than the small town taxes. Blows my mind every time.

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