Who Do Minnesota Liberals Hate, 2012: On The Boards

Before we get to the ranked results from the poll, I thought I’d run both a quick explanation of the mechanics of the poll, and then a look at the Minnesota conservatives and groups that got nominations, but no votes.

First;  I took the list of votes in descending order of hatred.  Votes at the top of a list got more weight than votes at the bottom.  I entered the votes and weights into a spreadsheet, tallying both number and weight of votes.  That’s how all ties were broken; a tie between two nominees with the same vote total was broken by the nominees’ “Passion Index”, or average weight per vote.  Someone who got five second-place votes would out-score someone with five tenth-place votes, for a hypothetical example, although someone with six tenth-place votes would beat someone with five first-place votes (hypothetically; it never happened).

The poll is extremely unscientific. and uses a methodology that any statistician with a yen to seek the truth giggle with derision – which means it’s the same as the Star-Tribune “Minnesota Poll” and the Humphrey Institute’s “HHH Poll”.  However, my poll is intended for entertainment, not as “journalism” (or, just as likely, an attempt to sway the vote), which gives my poll a bit of a moral and ethical advantage.


The poll – and Minnesota conservatism – have changed a bit in the past two years.  Some people who placed on the poll two years ago didn’t show up at all this year: Entrepreneurs, who placed 27; Tracy Eberly, who notched a 25; Brian “Saint Paul” Ward who came in at 2; Rep. and then candidate King Banaian who eked out a 20; Phil Krinkie, who came in at 12; Carol Molnau, who finished at 11, and the biggest dropper, David Strom, who came in at sixth place two years ago.

So with that out of the way, let’s take a look at nominees who received just one vote:

Brad Carlson: The NARN’s newest co-host makes his initial appearance in the list.

John Gilmore:  The St. Paul activist makes his first appearance – although the current crowd of St. Paul Republicans may have ranked him higher.

MIchelle Benson: Senator Benson is the first of many female conservatives on this years’ list.

Paul Mirengoff (2010 Ranking 23) and Scott Johnson (2010 Ranking 16): The Power Line colleagues – both of whom ranked in the money last year – fell off a bit this year.

Taxpayers League: And that wasn’t the only surprise.

Jack Tomczak: The former Bachmann aided turned talk show host turned punching bag of the deranged is just getting started in the “Target of Hate” business.  He’s had a great start this year.

Joe Soucheray (2010 Ranking 26): The change to sports talk hasn’t helped Souch’s fortunes – misfortunes? – in this poll.

Marianne Stebbins: The head of Minnesota’s Ron Paul movement gets on the board – barely.  She might have scored higher among some MN Republicans.

Mary Kiffmeyer (2010 Ranking – nominated): The former secretary of state got one vote both years.  This won’t be the last we’ll hear of Voter ID, though.

AM1280 The Patriot (2010 Ranking – nominated): The little station that could…did.

Roger Chamberlain: The Freshman senator from White Bear Lake started what should be a good career as a lefty piñata (that swats back harder)

Tom Hackbarth: Libs considered the Senator guilty until proven innocent last year – but this year, there’s no question that at least one voter thinks MN liberals hate Tom Hackbarth.

Michele Bachmann’s Dog: From a voter who nominated quite a few other members of Bachmann’s household.

Stanley Hubbard: Liberals apparently think that acknowledging conservatives occasionally have a point – as Channel Five did during the 2010 campaign – makes you “just like Fox News”.

Walter Hudson: The Tea Party leader showed up on the tally this year.

Andrew Breitbart: Notwithstanding that he’s not a Minnesotan, Breitbart got a nod.

Pat Anderson (2010 Ranking: Nominated): The former State Auditor can run the numbers if she wants, but she came in the same place she did in 2010.

Michele Bachmann’s Kids: Unless one of them turns out to hate her.  Then they’ll love the kid.  Til they reconcile.

Norm Coleman (2010 Ranking – 9): From #9 in 2010 to a single vote this year, Coleman is not the mightiest to fall in this edition of the poll.

Tony Hernandez: The Fourth CD Republican got nominated by one voter who concentrated on “minority” and female conservatives.

Kermit (2010 Ranking: Nominated): Kermit holds steady after two years.  That’s not bad!

Marcus Bachmann: I’d have put the Representative’s husband higher.  But the Bachmann family has plenty of votes, all in all…

Anyone with half a brain: Someone wanted to cut to the chase.

Swiftee (2010 Ranking 29): Swiftee – persona non grata at just about every Twin Cities leftyblog (including MinnPost) actually got more votes this year than in 2010.  The competition was just that much harder.  But Swiftee was a perennial in these things long before there were blogs…

Coming up at noon today – the back of the pack!

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  1. It’s true, I may not be the most hated conservative in Minnesota but damn it, it’s not for lack of trying!

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